Cynthia Saenz Sancho

Cynthia Saenz Sancho

San Jose, Santa Ana, Costa Rica

About Cynthia Saenz Sancho

The attractiveness of being an artist is the ability to reflect own experiences and utopias. The horse, subject rooted, persistent, and present, manipulated as a instrument allowing me to grow, recreating thoughts and situations in different areas of daily life. Protagonists of the existing binding with the nonexistent of our minds, cornerstones in the development of my proposals building emotional conflicts. Persistent creative work, have led me to explore new materials and techniques, experimenting in the three-dimensional world. Create images and objects visually poetic permits recreating everyday settings, searching the depths of a being the most important lines where those ties are responsible for creating a figure, that's where I speculate about art as a transmitter of images that bind polishing a feeling where memory is responsible for completing a concept.


• Organizer of the Inter Symposiums. Of Sculpture in Santa Ana, San José, Costa Rica-2014 to date.
• Pitch Cultural Projects Workshop, Nov. 28 2015. Spanish Cultural Center, San José-Costa Rica
• Creative Workshop "The Art of Peace" with the artist Perla Bajder 12 and 13 of December. 2011. San JoséCosta Rica
• Print and Engraving Workshop. UCR. From the 10 to the 17 of nov. 2011. San José-Costa Rica
• Workshop of Pastel Chalk with artist Jim Theologos-1990-1991. San Jose Costa Rica
• Air Horses Project - MHC Juan Santamaría, June-July 2013, Alajuela-Costa Rica.
• Garden of Sayings - rolling Sculptures- March 15 to 25 International Arts Festival (FIA-2012)


• 2nd Inter. Symposium itinerant of Sculpture of Entre Ríos-Nogoyá-Argentina, from 20 to 30 July 2017.
• IV Inter. Sculpture Symposium Art & Tradition, 20 to 30 April 2017. Santa Ana, Costa Rica.
• III Inter. Sculpture Symposium Art & Tradition, 28 March to 8 April 2016. Santa Ana, Costa Rica.
• 5th Inter. Symposium. Kömürcüoğlu Sculpture, May 11-June 11, 2015. Denizli, Turkey
• II Inter. Sculpture Symposium Art & Tradition, 12 -22 March 2015. Santa Ana, Costa Rica.
• 4th Inter. Symposium of Sculptors. 4 to 12 October 2014. Armstrong, Santa Fe. Argentina.
• I Inter. Sculpture Symposium Art & Tradition, 13 to 23 March 2014. Santa Ana, Costa Rica.
• 6th Inter. Symposium of Sculpture, 12 to 19 October 2013. El Trébol, Santa Fe-Argentina.
• 6th Inter. Symposium Contemporary Art, 18 August-11 September 2013. Penza, Russia.
• Nat. Sculpture Symposium-FNA, 5 to 14 April 2013. Santa Ana, San José Costa Rica.
• 5th Inter. Symposium. Inspiration Autumn, August 19 to September 16 - 2012. Penza, Russia.


Individual exhibitions:
• Temple- Juan Santamaria Cultural Historical Museum, in Oct-Nov. 2015 Alajuela-Costa Rica.
• Air horses. Bewitching ancestry. INA- La Uruca, May 2014. San José- Costa Rica
• Equestrian Stories. Sala Marco Aurelio Aguilar (CUC), Nov.19 - Dec.15, 2013. Cartago, Costa Rica.
• Equestrian Stories, Municipal School of Integrated Arts (EMAI), Aug. 2013.Santa Ana, San Jose, Costa Rica.
• Gallery "Vida Plena"-Essence Identical more than a horse, January 2013. San José- Costa Rica
• Gallery CCHJFF-San Ramon "Essence Identical". November 2012. Alajuela- Costa Rica • Gallery "Vida Plena", Synopsis. March / April 2012. San José- Costa Rica
• Gallery Hotel Alta- nov.2007/2008, Santa Ana, San Jose, Costa Rica. • Art Gallery BCR -1997/99/2001 main branch. San José- Costa Rica
• Art Gallery -1998 French alliance. San José- Costa Rica
• BCR Art Gallery, 1998, San Rafael de Escazú-Costa Rica.
• Art Gallery Municipality of Santa Ana - 1997

Collective exhibitions:
• Tamarindo Art Wave- I Art Festival, 16-18 jun 2016, Tamarindo Beach-Guanacaste-Costa Rica.
• Collective Exhibition Gallery Rozas-Botrán, zone 14, Guatemala City.dic.2015-March 2016.
• Collective Exhibition Wonder Woman Bra Art Gallery ARKA-Lithuania, June 2105.
• 5th Inter RIGA. Textile & Fibre Art Triennial -Salon AG Artextil-art Wonderwoman Bra, 23 April-10 June, 2015.
• Sculpture Exhibition, Seminar ICoMadera - CACR. October 30 to 31. 2013 San Jose- Costa Rica
• Plastic Artists Meeting Carthaginians Afro-Caribbean-artists. Municipal Museum of Cartago-Costa Rica. AugOct. 2014
• "World Tour". Collection Art Gallery-Penza- "Black Soil" -Festival. Voronezh, Russia. Aug-Sep 2014
• Botica Solera Multicultural Center, Expressions, ACAV, San Jose, Costa Rica, July 2014
• 4th Annual Exhibition of Sculpture, Gallery EMAI, Santa Ana, San Jose, Costa Rica, July 2014
• Gallery Costa Rica Country Club, ACAV, Expressions, Escazu, Costa Rica, June 2014
• XV Inter. Art, University College Campus Cartago, Costa Rica, in June 2014.
• First Annual Paint Exhibition, ACAV, Casa del Cuño, San Jose-Costa Rica, April 21/ May 5, 2014
• Art Gallery Collection, Tambov, Penza-Russia, Feb sea. 2014.
• Cohesion Sculptural, Brazilian Studies, Santa Ana, San José, Costa Rica. July / August 2013.
• XIV Inter. Free Art, University College Campus Cartago, Costa Rica, in June 2013.
• Window Plastically, Juan Santamaria Cultural Historical Museum, Alajuela-Costa Rica. June-July 2013,
• National Surgery Center Cardiovascular- "Summer in March" -Penza, Russia. March 2013.
• Exhibition "A bra for Life", October 2012, Santa Ana-Costa Rica. • National-Gallery "The Art of Peace" - April 2012 San Jose Costa Rica.
• Garden of "Refranes", Rolling Sculpture, HCJS Museum. Alajuela-Costa Rica. March 26 / June 30, 2012.
• Gallery Chistye Prudy, Penza-Russia August / September 2012.
• I National Open Painting, Casa del Cuño. San José- Costa Rica, July 2012.
• Art Museum of Costa Rican-Rapid Paint - September 2010.
• Hotel Real Intercontinental, Sintercafe, San José, Costa Rica. November 17. 2007