Dace Lapina

Dace Lapina

Riga, Northern Europe

About Dace Lapina

Born in Riga, Latvia, Northern Europe.
About Me. I have consistently focused on still life genre, where, I believe I can best express myself,making a person look more carefully as if into an instant of stopped time. Such, where in a unified harmony, there exists light, space , object.
I enjoy painting commonplace articles inspiring them with an air of perpetual value through my artistic vision. Painting like I do is time-consuming. It is a luxury I afford while refusing myself many other pastimes. I need time even at moments when I seem idle, but that is probably when the ideas are conceived. It is an artist’s life that gets mixed up with everything else.
I paint with the conviction that in today’s hectic and rationalized world the art is so much needed to make and teach people stop and get engrossed. Too much nowadays gets declaratively simplified, because people in a hurry continuously get overwhelmed with new information. Thinking is getting more and more primitive as there is no time to think over anything more complex. Therefore, also I am bored with and not attracted to contemporary conceptual art, witch often serves as a tremendous breakthrough the elementary truth that is a conventional wisdom for any thoughtful person. I like the art that makes use of the visual art influential means, rather then the one attempting to feebly compete with philosophers and publishers. Visual art , in my opinion, is to express that , what it is not possible to tell in words.
I am not sure whether it is true that beauty is going to save the world but the ugly and destructive things certainly will not.


Latvian Academy of Art
Janis Rozentals Secondary Art school


2020.11.09. - 2020.17.10. -international contest exhibition "Artefact # fifthcivilization" in gallery Museum LV and cultural centre GrataJJ
2019.15.11. -2020. 05.01. - Autumn exhibition in the Gallery of The Artists' Union of Latvia
2018.18.06 .-2018.17.07. -solo exhibition Gallery "Jekabs", Old Riga
2017.20.12 .-2018.22.01. -group exhibition in "Painting of the year" Riga
2016. - group exhibition 'Painting of the year" Riga
2015. - group exhibition "Painting of the year " Riga
2014 - solo exhibition Gallery „Jēkabs”, Riga
2013 - solo exhibition Riga Art Space Intro hall
2011 - solo exhibition Latvian National Museum of Art
2009 - solo exhibition Exhibition hall of Jurmala
2005 - solo exhibition Gallery „Bonhans”
2005 - solo exhibition Gallery „Bonhans”
2000 - solo exhibition Gallery „Rīgas Galerija”
1996 - solo exhibition Gallery „Daugava”
1996 - solo exhibition Gallery „ Manss” ,Jekabpils
1995 -solo exhibition in Praga in Latvia’s Embassy, Praga,Czekia
1995 - Exhibition in Valmiera’s city Art Hall
1994 - Gallery „Centrs”
1993 - Gallery „Rigas Galerija’
1990 - Gallery „Ars Longa”
1988 - Exhibition in „Home of Knowledge” ,Riga
Every year has participated in annual exhibition „Autumn”
1998- 2004 Every year has participated in exhibition „Miniatures” in”Riga Gallery”
2011 - Exhibition „Is it that he does not speak the truth,but does want to influence”
In Riga Art Space
2010 - Exhibition „Art Collection of the Latvian Artist’s Union” in Riga Art Space
1999 - Exhibition-action „Artists for the Monument of Freedom”in centre „Vernisage”
1998 - Group „Old Riga Artists’ exhibition in Museum of Foreign Art

1998 - The 2nd All -Latvian Art exhibition.Museum of Art Arsenals, Riga,Lv.
1997 - Exhibition „Riga-800”, LMS exhibition hall
1994 - Exhibition „White picture”,gallery „Bastejs”
1992 - Exhibition of Latvian art in Bredford’s University exhibition hall ,UK
1990 - The 1st All-Latvian Art exhibition. Latvian National Museum or Art,Museum
of Art Arsenals
And other
Artworks held by Latvian National Museum of Art, "The Artists Union" of Latvia Collection, in Tretyakov gallery in Moscow, in "Swedbank"contemporary Art collection, as well as in private collectors in Europe and USA