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investigation of soul
some private voodoo

theoretical speech as is often used to explain artwork, is not my medium. i use a lot of bad language in my daily life, that's how i can express myself with words.

when i paint, it is very important to me how many unexpected things happen in the painting and while i'm painting. if there's nothing unexpected happening, the painting is bad,
i trust my unconcious more then my concious. concious usually bores me. if not, i would be a philosopher.

i start depicting a living object in each painting. while the painting evolves it can become totally abstract to the viewer.(not to me)
i couldnt' do abstracts, would bore me.
there must remain enough realism..... too wundervoll, is bad too.

i use a lot of beloved artists' ways to paint and do art and mix several kinds in one painting,
and write their names in or besides my paintings.
there are karen kilimnik, tracey emin, doig, richter, kahlo, eisenmann, dumas, donachie, clemente,höch, von freitag, krystufek, goya, paula rego, otto dix...many more... i absolutely love art.a lot of art.

anselm kiefer writes:.............................
i'm interested in reconstructing symbols. it's about connecting with an older knowledge and trying to discover continuities in why we search for heaven........................................

me, myself, i'm looking for the older knowledge in my unconcious, probably finding, as jung would say, archetypes, symbols, which are maybe the same for all peoples in the world, maybe finding kind of an universal language.....


I studied at Zürich University of the Arts and at F+F School for Visual Art and New Media

both in Zürich, Switzerland

Visual Artist