Daniela Schweinsberg

Daniela Schweinsberg

Frankfurt am Main, Hessen, Germany

About Daniela Schweinsberg

Abstract, Powerful, Gestural - three words to describe my art! Each of my artworks is truly unique and only one of its kind.

"An abstract painting challenges the artist even more, because it’s an act of creation on the artist's own terms."

I find my inspirations in colours and materials - for example in a beautiful deep turquoise mountain lake or in the washed-out grey of concrete in a city. Based on such impressions and inspirations I commence my work and my artwork often comes to life in little series. Each painting is unique and the creation and development of each painting can be a time consuming process, usually lasting many days or weeks and in some cases up to a few months.

I appreciate the manual work of building, stretching and priming my own frames. I really get engrossed in this, it’s the first encounter with a new work and a good start for the creative process; me and the canvas did get familiar with each other.

My paintings are acrylic mix paintings, for example, acrylic paint with charcoal, oil pastels, pencils, spray paint and many other artistic materials. Sometimes I combine these materials with collage materials.

My pieces of art are created informally. Each step builds on the previous step, leaving room for chance but also for corrections and erasures, until the final finished artwork has evolved as a composition of colour, shape, texture and surface.

Each piece of art is truly unique and only one of its kind.


2015 - 2016 | Master Class of Prof. Adam Jankowski (Art Academy Bad Reichenhall)

2006 - 2014 | Teached from renowned artists and Institutes, e.g. Peter Tomschiczek, Georg Brandner, Peter Casagrande.


Selection of Exhibitions

01-2021 | Des Moines (US), Moberg Gallery, "Contemporary Woman Paint: Abstract Expressions" (Group)
11-2020 | Frankfurt, Discovery Art Fair (presented by HLP Galerie) (Fair)
07-2020 | Leeds (UK), Left Bank Leeds, "Leeds Summer Group Show 2020" (Group)
11-2019 | Hamburg, Affordable Art Fair (presented by Galerie Folly & Muse) (Fair)
11-2019 | Frankfurt, Discovery Art Fair (presented by HLP Galerie and Galerie Folly & Muse) (Fair)
10-2019 | London (UK), The Other Art Fair (Fair)
09-2019 | Des Moines (US), Moberg Gallery, "Kicking Abstract & Taking Names - Women Painters" (Group)
04-2019 | Cologne, Discovery Art Fair (presented by Galerie Arp) (Fair)
03-2019 | Hanau, Arp Gallery, "EYE CANDY" (Solo)
12-2018 | Luxembourg (LUX), Luxembourg Art Fair (presented by Folly & Muse Gallery) (Fair)
11.2018 | Frankfurt/Main, Discovery Art Fair (represented by HLP Galerie & by Galerie Arp)
09.2018 | Weilburg, Exhibition of the Finalists for the Art Award of Weilburg (Group)
03.2018 | London, The Other Art Fair
03.2018 | Brussels, Affordable Art Fair (represented by Folly & Muse Gallery)
- 03.2018 | Stuttgart, ARTe 2018 (Fair)
- 01.2017 | Stuttgart, ARTe 2017 (Fair)
- 04.2016 | Cologne, Kölner Liste (represented by HLP Galerie) (Fair)
- 04.2016 | Bad Reichenhall, Presentation of Masterclass Prof. Adam Jankowski (Group)
- 11.2015 | Bonn, Kunstmesse.25, Women's museum Bonn (Group)
- 09.2015 | Cologne, Art.Fair2015 (represented by HLP Gallery) (Fair)
- 06.2015 | Pulheim, art´pu:l - Fair for contemporary art (Fair)
- 05.2015 | Oberhausen, Lohnhalle Niehbuhrg, "After Work Vol. 2" (Group)
- 10.2014 | Köln, ART.FAIR 2014 (represented by HLP Galerie) (Fair)
- 06.2014 | Weißenburg (Bayern), Kunstschranne, exhibition of the finalists of the art award of Weißenburg (Group)

- Among the finalists for the Art Award 2018 of the City of Weilburg on the river Lahn
- Shortlisted for the RiseArt Prize 2018
- Among the finalists of the Art Award of Weißenburg (2014)
- Among the finalists of the Art Award of the Pfälzische Sezession (2013)