Daniel Sean Kaiser

Daniel Sean Kaiser

Hamburg, Hansestadt Hamburg, Germany

About Daniel Sean Kaiser

Daniel Sean Kaiser; a professional abstract artist from Germany creating exceptional original arcylic paintings, mixed media and installations, is exposing here on Saatchi Art.

Daniel Sean Kaiser paintings are expressive and powerful, and illustrate the passion for colors and shapes, as a means to implement new ideas. His inspirations also comes from his work as writer and musician, and the art formes are linked in a variety of ways.

Paintings are on display exclusively on Saatchi Art.

If you have a special love affair to an art work, we will send it to your home as soon as possible

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Daniel Sean Kaiser


Starting painting in the mid 80's, and with first exhibitions in 1987, I've learned a lot over those 30 years and I'm still learning. You are cordially invited to accompany me on the further journey.


Next Event/Presentation: MONACO YACHT SHOW

27 > 30 SEPTEMBER 2017


Daniel Sean Kaiser's latest exhibitions are Art Basel (Basel, Swiss) 2017, art expo New York 2017, Art Basel Miami (Miami Beach Convention Center, Miami, USA) 2016, Architectural Digest Design Show (Piers 92 & 94, NYC, USA) 2016, Art Monaco (Salon d'Art par Excellence, Cóte d'Azur, France) 2016, Artexpo New York (Pier 94, NYC, USA) 2015, Barcelona Art Fair (Casa Batlló, Barcelona, Spain) 2014.