Hester van Dapperen

Hester van Dapperen

Amsterdam, Noord Holland, Netherlands

About Hester van Dapperen

Hester van Dapperen explores new ways. She paints persons in motion on a background of modern life. The paintings are often on a transparent carrier, most with textile insertions.
She finds her inspiration in the urban environment of the metropolitan area. 
The paintings often have a subliminal contemporary social message. 
Several aspects can reveal themselves to the spectator.

It began with the completion of the fashion Academy in Amsterdam and designing for well-known clothing brands like Oilily and Mexx. However her passion for painting and making objects made sure that Hester is now an established visual artist.
She was selected for the master class of the well-known German artist Jorg Immendorff.
Hester works in concepts, with a clear idea, the human in motion. She also wants to make the importance of the used material visible, such as with the transparent paintings in layers.
Her paintings are regularly exhibited and also collected abroad; Her work regularly gets a central place at this artsite Saatchiart.com
It is possible to visit her studio in Amsterdam, on appointment.

"In my paintings I am fascinated by the human in motion. I often work for years with a concept; in wich new nuances arise.
The role of the material used is also important:
-My favourite carrier is transparent. It creates an effect of fragility, depth and shadows.
-I like to use textile additions like patchwork, holes, cuts and sutures, embroidery, or mother of Pearl buttons.
-The use of pigments. By making paint with pigments, the tone can be surprisingly deeper, more shiny or matt.
As I was a fashion designer before being a contemporay artist, many of my paintings have traces of fashion and textile additions ".


-Arts academy, Fashion HBO, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 1979/82
-Masterclass painting A.I.S., Siert Dallinga (NL), Amsterdam, The Netherlands 1996
- Jorg Immendorff (DL) Masterclass painting, selected for grant, international summer university, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 1997
- Masterclass painting A.I.S., Kate Birkhart (US), Amsterdam, The Netherlands 1998


ART LEASE for MOVIE & COMMERCIALS: Nanouk LŽopold / Interpolis / TV commercials / Jelier en Schaaf
OIL PAINTING IN COMMISSION: in corporate collections / private collections domestic and abroad
BOOK COVER / BOOK ILLUSTRATIONS: Mit press https://mitpress.mit.edu/books/situated-intervention / Berenschot http://www.bol.com/nl/p/zo-doen-we-dat-hier/9200000020433521
ILLUSTRATIONS & PHOTOSTYLING: Albert Heijn / VNU / TamTam / Bonneterie / Kattenburg Uniforce / Scientic webdesign
ART LEASE & BUSSINES: Art Olive / Julie Hengeveld / Expoline / Art Experience
DESIGN CORPORATE CLOTHING: Holland Casino NL Advice in Design & Production / ING Bank NL
RELATION GIFTS IN COMMISSION: TAMTAM publisher / Jason recruitment / De Goudse insurance / Adviesburo Robbe / De Meerkanten
STUDIO LEASE; Jelier en Schaaf / Interpolis / Honig / Outcast pictures / Tiger shoes
GUEST TEACHER : Fashion academy Montaigne, Amsterdam / Hogeschool van Amsterdam
INTERNATIONAL CONCEPT DESIGNER: Atelier Sud, handmade jewellery, Portugal & the Netherlands / MEXX international, Voorschoten/ HongKong, India / Indian Handicraft, New Delhi, India
FASHION DESIGNER: Oilily, Alkmaar the Netherlands / New Delhi, India / Rucanor / Lions jeans Rotterdam, The Netherlands


- April 2016 David Contemporary Art, Bath, UK
- 2008 - 2016 at Saatchiart.com the paintings of Hester van Dapperen are regularly highlighted in newsletter/new this week/ a special collection / artist of the day

- Trappenberg, Huizen, NL, paintings and drawings Family van Dapperen, father, mother, doughter transparent paintings

- Gallery Saatchi London shows 3 pictures of transparent paintings at Saatchi screen. Collective exhibition.
- Project Space Keizersgracht 349, Amsterdam, Transparent paintings

- Het Glazen Huis, Amstel park, Amsterdam, Retrospective linen and transparent paintings
- New Encounters, Keizersgracht, Amsterdam, colourfield paintings
- 2008 - 2012 CBK Amsterdam, annual open studio's and collective exhibition

- Affordable Art Fair, selected by www.masterartists.com Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam
- 2011 - 2002 Tafel van Muiden, Muiden, NL, annual solo exhibition, new paintings

- Hot Ice Gallery, Westergasfabriek during the Affordable Art Fair, Amsterdam, striped oil paintings
- Gallery Loods 6, Zaandam, NL, striped oil paintings
- 2010 -2007 Melk Gallery, Den Hoorn, NL, annual exhibition, oil on linen & transparent paintings
- 2010 - 2006 Licht en Ruimte, Abcoude, NL, bi-annual Solo Exhibition of transparent paintings

- 2006 - 2009 Art fair on the Brink, 'Gallery Klaas', Laren, NL, annual exhibition transparent paintings
- Cliff hanger, Den Hoorn, NL, bi-annual outdoor art event. Project' the wishing tree ', a participation project with the public.
- Opera Galery in Budapest, Hungary, transparent paintings

- Design Hotel Artemis, Amsterdam, 'Elements, paintings by Hester van Dapperen

- Stedelijk Post CS building, Amsterdam, '15 minutes of fame' During the museum night, artists were invited to participate the museum night to exhibit their work for 15 minutes during the Andy Warhol exhibition. An action with a 'wink', organized by the Stedelijk Museum CS for the museum night

- Loods 6, Amsterdam,'Rondom Gijs', An exhibition in memory of Gijs de Mol van Otterloo. Ten artist friends exhibit their work with the art of Gijs. Transparent paintings
- Erco, Naarden NL, specialist in lights, retrospective exhibition of my paintings.

- 2000 - 2005 Annual Open Studios 'de Nieuwe Meer' & 'Rijkshemelvaart' Amsterdam, organisation & Transparent paintings
- Graphic gallery Ink, The Hague, NL Boundless Clothing, graphic work
- Trappenberg, Huizen, NL' 3 x van Dapperen' A special exhibition; Paintings of my mother, drawings of my father & my transparent paintings,
- 2002 - 2005 , Amsterdam, NL, Conceptual Art installations at the Oeverlanden in collaboration with other artists

- kunsthuis Meppel, NL, exhibition 'Nest', Conceptual instalation 'The Breeding dress' in collaboration with Atten van der Vlucht
- Art fair Kunstvlaai, Westergas Factory, Amsterdam, Conceptual Art instalation 'The Breeding dress'
- Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam, Conceptual Art installation 'The Breeding dress'

- NDSM Loods, Amsterdam,'Test-Portal', 25 international Now-artists, colourfield paintings XXL with projections'
- Gallery BO6, Amsterdam, oil paintings
- Kunstvlaai, Art Fair Westergas Fabriek, Amsterdam, art instalation, paintings & sound

- Passage Rijksmuseum, Uitmarkt, Amsterdam, (installation) colourfield paintings with projections'
- Ahoy Art Fair, Rotterdam, & America Hall, Artfair, Apeldoorn,NL, profile paintings

- graphic gallery Ink, Den Haag, NL, graphic work

- Bonnetterie in Amsterdam & the Hague, mono silkscreen prints

- A.I.S. & Art Gallery donkersloot, Noordwijk, NL, paintings nominated
- Galerie Prinsengracht, Amsterdam, paintings
- Gallery Clement, Amsterdam, Silkscreenprints

- Gallery Dreiberg Ausstellung, Hamburg, paintings
- Galery ink, The Hague, silkscreenprints

- Galery Aschenbach, Amsterdam, Immendorffs Masterclass