Dave McClinton

Dave McClinton

Austin, TX, United States

About Dave McClinton

My work is under the direct influence of my 20+ year career as a graphic designer. I'm either decorating with landscapes or speaking on cultural issues with human figures and faces. I want to show you something familiar and then alter your perspective. This isn't to be dismissive of your opinion but to enhance how you might perceive the subject matter.

PEOPLE: The figures and faces are an amalgam of people in my life… they are every person... they are me. And anyone who has struggled to find a place and solidify their meaning in this world. Our stories may not be on a global stage but the collective need for understanding and relevance makes each debate, fight or race a grand event.

Each piece begins simply. I then apply layer upon layer of information. Not to obscure but to mimic what my brain often does, constantly adding data and context to a setting or subject matter. I suspect we all bring our own “layers” to the events and visuals we encounter and that's where the good stories are. That's where our own vision governs our relationship with the art.

LANDSCAPES: These shapes and "views" are familiar but I want to you conjure up images and places you have personally experienced. Not simply reproduce a scene for its own sake. And honestly, beyond that, I want you to enjoy what you're looking at. I can't help but share what's in my head.


BFA (Visual Communication) Texas State University


March 2021 | State of Being
Commerce Gallery, Lockhart Texas

December 2020 | Absolute Relativism
A Solo show at Ivester Contemporary, Austin Texas

October 2020 | ‘Reinventing the Rules: Group Show
Ivester Contemporary, Austin Texas

A group show at 5 Points Art Gallery & Studios, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

June 2020 | ‘Unique by Nature’ Juried Art Show.
McKinney Performing Arts Center

October 2019 | Austin, Texas | Atelier 1205
Laura Caffrey and Dave McClinton: CARRY THE REMAINDER

October 2020 | Select as Poster Artist for the Texas Book Festival

May 2019 | Austin, Texas
WEST Austin Studio Tour 2019: w/ National Geographic photographer Greg Davis at Gusto Studios.

January 2019 | Austin, Texas | Dougherty Arts Center
Despite It All: A solo show of the artwork of Dave McClinton.

November 2018 | Austin, Texas
ARTBASH returns in 2018 to the Native in East Austin.

September 8 - October 28, 2018 | Austin, Texas
Group Show at Sixth Street Gallery by CAMIBA art: Past and Present

May 2018 | Austin, Texas
WEST Austin Studio Tour 2018: 15 professional artists in Antone's Nightclub.

Feb 2018 | Austin, Texas
People's Gallery 2018 Exhibition at Austin City Hall

November 2017 | Austin, Texas
EAST Austin Studio Tour 2017: During the East Austin Studio Tour, The North Door.

May 2017 | Brooklyn, New York
Museum of Contemporary African Diaspora Arts: May 12th to June 4th

May 2017 | Austin, Texas
WEST Austin Studio Tour 2017: at the Mercury Mambo

Spring 2017 | Austin, Texas
THE ART OF CELEBRATION: January 18th - April 8th: Co-created by Art for the People

December 2016 | Austin, Texas
VERGE Winter Arts Show: Sunday, December 4, 2016

November 2016 | Austin, Texas
EAST Austin Studio Tour 2016: Austin Art Refugees

May 2016 | Austin, Texas
WEST Austin Studio Tour 2016: Austin Art Refugees presents SOUND:VISION

March 2016 | Austin, Texas
VERGE Spring Arts Show: UNREAL- A Night of