David Drain

David Drain

Hausen im Wiesental, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

About David Drain

Born in the south of Scotland, David Drain’s studio and home are in a village on the edge of the Black Forest in the South of Germany, close to the Swiss art city of Basel.

The subtle interplay of natural light has always held a fascination for David. Growing up in the Southern Uplands region in Scotland, David experienced the variations in the quality of light and weather on the intensity, subtlety and richness of the landscape.

Ruins of abandoned factories and ancient stone buildings, with their fascinating storied surfaces, crumbling structures, subtle shades of old walls and aged wood, patina and rust have all proved sources of lasting inspiration.


Despite his early interest in art, David studied Engineering at University in Glasgow, living and working across the globe including Switzerland, France, the Middle East, Ukraine, and the UK.

After a successful career he returned to his passion for art, now painting full-time. David is an alumni member of Nicholas Wilton’s Art2Life Art Academy as well as an active member of Cheryl Taves’s Artist’s Mindset Program Community.

David has been a full-time artist since 2015.


July 2020, OPEN STUDIO

This will take place in my home in Hausen im Wiesental, which is located on the edge of the Black Forrest in the South of Germany, close to the Swiss Border and the beautiful art city, Basel.

I am currently having my attic renovated and converted into my new, large art studio, which I am totally excited about. We live in a big, old house. But my current studio space is a relatively small room, and it feels as if it is getting progressively smaller and smaller. At the same time my new abstract artworks are getting larger and larger. The new studio will be completed by mid-summer. The OPEN STUDIO event will kick-off my new era in my new, spacious, light-filled studio.


Art in the Foyer (Kunst im Foyer)
Endress+Hauser, Maulburg, Germany
6 April - 26 June 2020

Museum Römervilla, Grenzach, Germany,
6-26 Sept 2020

Artbox Projects, Barcelona, Spain
18-22 March 2020

SwissArtExpo, Zürich, Switzerland
20-24 August 2020

Frontofbicycle Gallery, Basel
November 2020