David Field

David Field

Staines upon Thames, Surrey, United Kingdom

About David Field

I am a UK based Artist born in Northern Ireland but currently living near London.
I work as a commercial Sculptor and experimental Fine Art photographer.

Professionally, working as a commercial sculptor to make my living, I have over 25 years experience making three dimensional objects for Public Art projects, Theatre, Film, TV and Retail display.

My work with photography involves exploring qualities of light on the macro scale, revealed on its passage through, or as it reflects off, natural surfaces and materials. I am fascinated by the idea that all around us there are events and vistas that we cannot percieve because of their transience and minute scale.
Some of the scenes captured in my experiments have an other worldly quality to them and could be said to represent fleeting glimpses into other dimensions or modes of perception.

I use digital capture equipment and my own method of shooting at the macro level to reveal lights hidden qualities. I have chosen the digital capture, review and editing work flow as the process is quicker than traditional film based media.
In my current body of work I have chosen to restrict my capture experiments to early in the morning or after moon rise as the quality of light at these times is at its most interesting.

I am inspired by the natural world along with geology and science.

I love the work of the Surrealists, Man Rays photograms, 1950s science fiction book cover illustration and classical figurative sculpture.

I worked as the Queens Sculptor for Scotland, Sir Eduardo Paolozzi, Studio assistant from early 1997 to late 1998.

I have my studio close to home in Surrey, UK.


BA (Hons) 1st Class, in 3d Design Ceramics from University of Wales, Howard Gardens, Cardiff. 1993.
MA Ceramics and Glass from the Royal College of Art, London, UK. 1998.

I worked as the studio assistant for Sir Eduardo Paolozzi, The Queens Sculptor in Ordinary for Scotland, between 1997 and 1998.


I co-designed and sculpted the gigantic Coccoliths sculpture group on the Sustrans National Cycle Route overlooking Folkestone, UK in 2001.

In 2012 I was the lead sculptor on an Olympic Games statue project at Hothouse studio in London. I led the team producing an 18 foot tall mountain biker statue that was sited outside the Olympic Mountain Biking event venue.

In 2014 I was invited to sculpt, in clay, the lifesize clay master statue of Paddington Bear at 3deye studio for the Paddington Bear movie related Paddington Sculpture Trail in London. The trail statues were auctioned for almost £1000,000. All proceeds went to the NSPCC.
In 2017 I was asked to sculpt a new clay Paddington statue for the London sited Paddington Pops Up trail that was related to the Paddington 2 movie.

In 2017 I was asked by 3deye sculpture fabrication studio in London to sculpt the rolling waves for the Project O and La Mer Wave Walk art trail in New York which celebrated World Oceans Day. 2 sculptures were sited at the United Nations building. I sculpted the additional artwork designed by Rolling Stones Guitarist Keith Richards and another by Guns and Roses guitarist Slash for the project

In 2018 I subcontracted the sculpting and production of 3 figurative plaques for the Monument to Conflict Public Art sculpture in Derby.

In early 2019 I designed, sculpted and manufactured a tribute plaque to the Aircrew who flew in American B17 bombers in WW2.


Royal College of Art Gallery,
London 1998
Linge Rosset Ceramics,
Hamburg 1998.
Chelsea Arts show
London 1998.
Craft Potters Association exhibition, London 1998.
The Paddington Sculpture Trail,
London 2014.
The Paddington Pop-ups Sculpture Trail, London 2017.
Project 0 and La Mer Wave Walk, New York 2017.