David Heger

David Heger

Dublovice, Czech Republic

About David Heger

David Heger is self-taught
photographic enthusiast who draw his visions from his experience in puppet animation studio where he act as the second cameraman under the supervision of Miloslav Spala, the famous Jan Svankmajer's cameraman.
His work is influenced by the beauty of Czech landscape and works of František Drtikol and Jan Saudek.
Recenty, David is focusing on Alternative photography processes especially he's experimenting with gold and silver leaves as photography background. Result is unique 3 dimensional look in his photos.

...Heger’s work is very cloudy in tone lacking vibrancy, but this is what makes it so remarkable. Heger manages to create a warm feel of nostalgia in his images, which would not be true had he not muted the colour. “I have learned that in every scene should be presented visually attractive and eye-catching story for the viewer. It is also world of brilliant and vivid colours sometimes hidden in twilight, often contrasting and mostly unrealistic. This unreality thing is what attracts me on photographing the most.”I think Heger has a strong attraction to the idea of narrative and storytelling, which is deeply prominent in his photography. He uses colour muting to create a more atmospheric feeling and in this particular picture, the exaggerated colours and clouds in the sky play a major part in idealistic mood. Muting colour can also create a feeling of nostalgia, and in this picture I personally think it does. Perhaps it also relates to that fact that there are two children perfectly composed in the centre of the frame, but there is a touching sense of sentimental nostalgia, which isn’t uncommon throughout muted photography....

Estelle Penny U.K.

David lives with his wife and two kids, among beautiful hilly land in small village close to Prague, Czech Republic.




2019 London-Kyoto FAPDA Award 2019, 1st place
2017 East West Art Award London 2017, 3rd place
2016 Fomunity Photographic Contest "Musica" -finalist
2015 Merit Award, China, Hiii Photography Contest
2014 Futur en Seine Festival, Paris, France - animation art
2014 Saatchi Gallery Motion Photography Prize - shortlisted
2013 Best Shots - UK Photo Contest - finalist
2013 Hiii Photography International Competition - Best of the Best award
2012 Saatchi Surreal Showdown - finalist
2012 International Fine Art Photography Award - finalist


2019, Kyoto Gallery, Japan
2017 London, UK; La Galleria
2017 Prague Photo, international photographic exhibition
2014 - LA GAÎTÉ LYRIQUE , Paris France - photo animation
2012-2015 Local exhibitions.