Davis Lisboa

Davis Lisboa

Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

About Davis Lisboa

My name is Davis Lisboa and I was born in São Paulo, Brazil (1965). I have studied Desenho de Comunicação at the ETE Carlos de Campos and Painting at the Centre d'Art i Disseny Escola Massana and at the Facultat de Belles Arts de la Universitat de Barcelona.

Since 1982 I've been working as a storyboard artist creating storyboards for various advertising agencies in Brazil, Spain, Russia, England or the United States.

In 1987 I moved to Barcelona, where I worked as a graphic illustrator in a design studio and two years later, I opened my own illustration and painting studio.

In 2005 I began to hold exhibitions as an artistic, figurative and contemporary painter at art galleries, cultural centers and art museums, and in 2009, I created the Davis Museum | The Davis Lisboa Mini-Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona, a cultural entity recognized by the Generalitat de Catalunya, now, expanding my activity towards cultural management.

I have participated in several exhibitions, including Museum Show at Arnolfini, Bristol, England; Eleven: The John Erickson Museum of Art (JEMA) 10 Year Retrospective at The Harn Museum of Art, Gainesville, USA and at the Galería Bob Rauschenberg, Fort Myers, USA; Remix - 10 years in the mix at the en la Spor Klübü, Berlin, Germany; Small, Unusual and Specialist Museums Survey at the CRATE Studio and Project Space, Margate, England; Incubarte at Centro del Carmen, Valencia, Spain; FluxFest 2019, Pride Mail Project and Big Ideas in Small Art at The Rose Shelton Gallery, Toronto, Canada; Aquí y Ahora 6 - Power, corruption & lies at the Galería Blanca Soto, Madrid, Spain; VI Biennale Internazionale dell'Arte Contemporanea di Firenze, Italy; Holland Art Fair, The Hague; La Secció de les Pintures del Davis Museum, at the Casa del LLibre, Barcelona, Spain; NeoLatinísiiimo Art Biennial at the City Lights Gallery, Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA; Mirades des del confinament, con Joan Fontcuberta, Festival Cruïlla, Òmnium Cultural, Igualada, España, among others.

My works make part of several collections as the Artists Space, New York, USA; Biblioteca de la Facultad de Bellas Artes de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain; The Museum Of Modern Art (MOMA) Machynlleth, Wales; MuBE, Museu Brasileiro de Escultura e Ecologia, São Paulo, Brazil; Museo de Arte do Parlamento de São Paulo, Brazil; SAL Art Gallery, CW Post Campus of Long Island University; Brookville, USA; The HardDiskMuseum; Madrid, Spain and Paris, France; The Yellowstone Club, Big Sky, USA; The Istambul Contemporary Art Museum, Turkey, among others.

Since I finished my studies I have been focused on investigating the concept of museums created by artists, a narrative that has as precedents Marcel Duchamp's La Boîte-en-valise, Robert Filliou's Galerie légitime and Marcel Broodthaers' Musée d'Art Moderne, Département des Aigles.


• Universitat de Barcelona, Faculty of Fines Arts. Painting. Spain.

• Escola Massana, Centre d'Art i Disseny. Painting. Barcelona, Spain.

• ETEC Carlos de Campos. Visual Communication. São Paulo, Brazil.

Top Skills
• Drawing
• Painting
• Creativity
• Visual Arts
• Mini-Museum of Contemporary Art

• Portuguese: Native
• English: Middle
• Spanish: High
• Catalan: Basic

• Davis Museum | The Davis Lisboa Mini-Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona

• Museus Catalunya i Centres de Patrimoni Cultural


Public and Private Collections
• Artists Space, New York, USA.
• Biblioteca de la Facultad de Bellas Artes de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain.
• FluxMuseum, Texas, USA.
• Fundação Cultural Badesc, Florianópolis, Brazil.
• Galeria Transparente, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
• Galerii Epicentrum, MOKSIR: Miejskiego Osrodka Kultury Sportu i Rekreacji w Chelmku, Chelmek, Poland.
• Harddiskmuseum, Valencia, Spain.
• John Erickson Museum of Art (JEMA), Gainesville, USA.
• LACDA, Los Angeles Center for Digital Arts, USA.
• La Erreria (House of Bent), Xátiva, Spain.
• MACC, Museo de Arte Contemporânea de Campinas, Brazil.
• MoFAI, Museum of Failed and Abandoned Ideas, Bratislava, Slovakia.
• MOMA Wales, Museum of Modern Art, Machynlleth, Wales.
• MuBE, Museu Brasileiro de Escultura e Ecologia, (São Paulo, Brazil)
• Museo Microcollection, Busto Arsizio, Italy.
• Museu de Arte do Parlamento de São Paulo, Brazil.
• Museum of the Sub-conscious, Okandukaseibe, Namibia; Tel Aviv, Israel; La Candelaria, Argentina; Houston, USA; Wiesbaden, Germany.
• SAL Art Gallery, CW Post Campus of Long Island University, New York, USA.
• The Alejandro Vásquez Herrero Collection, Viladecans, Spain.
• The Daniel Marcoux Collection, Montreal, Canada.
• The Denise Siqueira Collection, São Paulo, Brazil.
• The Francesc Accensi Collection, Barcelona, Spain.
• The Francesc Torres Collection, Barcelona, Spain.
• The Geert De Kegel Collection, Zele, Belgium.
• The Joan Barenys Collection, Barcelona, Spain.
• The Philip Henderson Collection, Atlanta, USA.
• The Soteris Argyrou Collection, Nicosia, Cyprus.
• The Taylor Smith Collection, Indianapolis, USA.
• The Yellowstone Club Collection, Big Sky, Montana, USA.
• Walpole Bay Hotel Museum and Napery, Margate, England.


Solo Exhibitions
La Secció de les Pintures del Davis Museum. Casa del Llibre, Barcelona, Spain.

La galerie légitime 2.0.. Curated by Manuel Minch, Internet Moon Gallery, Barcelona, Spain.

Should museums celebrate elections? Curated by Francesca Brusa & Costanza Sartoris, Archive Box Museum. Zurich, Switzerland.

The Aesthetic of Charge. MKAC, Museo Karura Art Centre. Second Life.

Hybrid-visiolibri. La Cova de les Cultures, Barcelona, Spain.
Hybrid-farrago. Sala de Arte Alteroutlet, Barcelona, Spain.
Davis Museum: Exhibition of the permanent collection of contemporary art by Davis Museum, MKAC, Museo Karura Art Centre. Second Life.
Què hem de fer amb l'art dels nou vinguts? Centre Cívic Josep M. Trias i Peitx. Barcelona, Spain.

BMW by Davis. BMW Ibérica, Madrid, Spain.
BMW by Davis. BMW Cano Catalunya. Sant Cugat, Spain.
BMW by Davis. Performance and exhibition. BMW Cano Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain.

Locus quod Filiolus. Galería San Vicente 31, Seville, Spain.
Locus quod Filiolus. Sala per a exposicions, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Barcelona. Spain.

12 Autoretrats. Sala per a exposicions, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Barcelona. Spain.

Firasse. Galeria Art Brut. São Paulo, Brazil.

Selected Group Exhibitions
FluxFest 2019: Big Ideas in Small Art. Sheldon Rose Gallery, Toronto, Canada.
FluxFest 2019: Pride Mail Project Art Exhibition and Performances. Sheldon Rose Gallery, Toronto, Canada.

Aquí y Ahora, “Power, Corruptions & Lies” (6th edition). María Alcaide, Pablo Bellot,
Clément Carat, Alvaro Chior, Jennifer Custodio, Julio Falagán, Urtzi Ibargüen, Davís Lisboa,
Céleste Rogosin, Estela Sanchís, Amélie Scotta y Valcárcel Medina. Galería Blanca Soto, Madrid, Spain.
Espacio f. Collective Mail Art exhibition, CentroCentro,. Madrid, Spain.
For Real. Petra Varl and Elisa Bollazi, participation in The Microcollection Archive. ArtHelix Art Gallery, New York, USA.

Dendrogram Tree-Kit | Davis Museum | Laboratori Social Metropolità. With Catarina Leitão, Davis Lisboa and curated by Anna Recasens. La Nau Sud, NauEstruch. Sabadell, Spain.
Galeria Transparente: Showroom. Curated by Frederico Dalton, Galeria do 2º Andar, Centro Cultural Justiça Federal. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Eleven: The John Erickson Museum of Art (JEMA) 10 Year Retrospective. Curated by Sean Miller, with Sergio Vega, Saya Moriyasu, Arnold Mesches, Galen Olmsted, Tea Makipaa, Chip Lord, Gregory Green, Ben Patterson, Yoko Ono, Closed Gallery, Brendan Jamison, Davis Lisboa. The Harn Museum of Art, Gainesville, Florida, USA.
Encapsulados (Wunderkammer). Curated by Juan Cuéllar Costa, Casa Sotoa.. Málaga, Spain.
Eleven: The John Erickson Museum of Art (JEMA) 10 Year Retrospective. Curated by Sean Miller. With Art Guys, Oliver Herring, Chip Lord, and Tea Mäkipää, Yoko Ono, Ben Patterson, Gregory Green, Jim Drain, Andrea Robbins, Max Becher, Sergio Vega, Arnold Mesches, John Feodorov, Kristin Lucas, Connie Hwang, Davis Lisboa, Brendan Jamison, Kevin B. Chen, Saya Moriyasu, Derrick Buisch, Bethany Taylor, John Kieltyka, Kim Anderson, Kelly Cobb, Aideen Doran, Galen Olmsted, Cyriaco Lopes, Miguel Martin, Craig Miller, Deirdre Power, Paraic Leahy, LuLu LoLo, and others. Bob Rauschenberg Gallery. Florida, USA.

Incubarte, Festival Internacional de Arte. Curated by Javier Marisco, Centro del Carmen. Cultura Contemporània. Valencia, Spain.
The Wrong - New Digital Art Biennale, Homeostasis Lab Pavilion. Curated by Julia Borges & Guilherme Brandão. São Paulo, Brazil.
Remix – 10 years in the mix. Davis Museum and Danger Museum, Spor Klübü. Berlin, Germany.
Small, Unusual and Specialist Museums Survey. Curated by Sacha Waldron. With Bill Burns, Andy Warhol, Lenka Clayton, Matthew de Pulford, Paul Hazelton, Betts Robinson, Victoria Adam, Bridgette Ashton, Nicole Ward, Benedict Drew (Courtesy of the artist and Matts Gallery, London), Michael Crowe and Anna Clawson. CRATE Studio and Project Space. Margate, England.
Fast Film "Here and gone in 60 seconds. Participation in the Sean Miller's e