Yael Degany

Yael Degany

Berkeley, CA, United States

About Yael Degany

Yael Degany is a native Israeli who lives in the United States. She studied visual arts and mathematics.

Yael works on paper and yupo, typically using oil-pastels, ink, watercolor, graphite (pencil), and food color. Her work is mostly abstract.

Viewers often report a sense of being lost and found in her works; first losing themselves in the multiple dimensions that her paintings create. Then the artists' unfettered enthusiasm and curiosity of the world emerge, and images of music, architecture, food, and animal zoos have been commonly reported to be found in them.

Yael's unique view of the world is precisely reflected through the comfortable tension between the calming abstract patterns - shifting between single shade paintings and full spectrum playful pieces - and the deeper luring images below and beyond the space. A hidden alligator, face, or fantastic image are promised to appear when carefully observed.

Yael's work is equally exciting to the art connoisseur and the novice art spectator, as long as an open mind and healthy curiosity are engaged.

The works range in size from 4 x 6 inches (10 x 15 cm) to 15 x 20 inches (38 x 50 cm).

Text by Roee Hevrony, and photo by Katya Vasilaky.


Visual Arts and Mathematics


- La Shuk, Firehouse 8. San Francisco, California

- Collector Art Shop, Berkeley, CA.
- Creatable Universe, Cafe Yola, Washington DC (Solo)

- Santiago Art District Art Walk, Santa Ana, CA.

- Yali's Cafe, UC Berkeley, CA (Solo)
- About Time, Nefeli, Berkeley, CA (Solo)
- Off the Beaten Path, Sun Gallery, Hayward, CA
- Haus Fortuna, Petaluma, CA
- PACE 2009 Postcard Art Competition and Exhibition, Lake County Discovery Museum, Wauconda, IL (exhibit traveled until Summer 2010)

- Leaving New York, The Local Store, New York, NY (Solo)
- Gallerie 5, Point Lookout, NY
- Without a Doubt, Cafe One, New York, NY (Solo)
- The Love Show, Postcrypt Gallery, Columbia University, New York, NY

- Paradox Lost and Found, The Spark, New York, NY