Krisztina Dozsa-Farkas

Krisztina Dozsa-Farkas

Munich, Bavaria, Germany

About Krisztina Dozsa-Farkas

Krisztina Dózsa-Farkas was born in 1975 in Budapest, Hungary, and studied at the University of Art and Design (MOME today). She has been living and working as a graphic designer and freelance artist in Munich since 2001.
The artist describes herself as an artistic illusionist, using concrete and specific shapes and lines. Her paintings are brought to life by the viewers personal thoughts and feelings. A range of harmonious colours and the pursuit of perfection determine the compositions. The process imvolves painting and repainting the forms as many times as necessary to reach this perfect harmony of colours and shades, wich means the paintings have several layers. Her shapes and forms suggest directions and relationships, giving a certain depth to her pictures. The colours are dominant and a means of emotional contact with the viewer. The forms are addressed to the imagination and the intellect. Together they create a vortex that gives the viewer emotional experience as well as a decorative painting. Each image is unique and hand-painted.
„My main motivation is to encourage the recognition of the message of the painting despite
maximum abstraction. My pictures give freedom to people to identify different contexts, which
everyone does in their own way – out of experience. József Egry (hungarian artist) once said
‚From an artistic point of view it is not important what we see but what the thing that we see lets
us see‘ and I am inspired by this.“


1994-1999 University of Art and Design, Budapest, Hungary
1998 International School of Art and Design, UIAH, Helsinki, Finland
1999 MA in Artistic Design, Budapest, Hungary


THE FUTURE IS PRESENT – are you ready? - 2021
X-Treme Women Art Prize - online 2021 -
Akademie für Politische Bildung, Tutzing
The Mind - 2021 Word Revolt Art Gallery, Mayport, Florida, USA
ArtMuc Kunstmesse - 2019, München, Praterinsel


Selected exhibitions
Aufstehen / BBK München - 2020 Galerie der Künste, München
FRAU.NATUR.KUNST. - 2020 Kreuzgang Benediktbeuren, Deutschland
Hommage an... - Pasinger Fabrik, München - 2019
Farbensprache, konstrukiv versus expressiv,
Stadtbibliothek Neuhausen Munich DE, 2019
Farbe², Siebensachen Galerieladen, Munich, DE 2019
Grosse Wasserburger Kunstausstellung, AK68 - Wasserburg, DE - 2019
ART25 SPACE - Botanikum, München, DE - 2019
Artworks from Germany - RiNGO SEIKA Gallery Art & Shoe, Tokyo, Japan - 2019
FORM(A)RT - Glinde bei Hamburg, DE - 2019
Streetstyle - Pasinger Fabrik, München - 2018
Japan Art Festival - Schloss Nymphenburg, München, DE - 2018
Gegenpol, Bergennale - Berg, Deutschland - 2018
„STOPOVER“- Ebersberg in der Galerie „Alte Brennerei“ , DE- 2017
Das kleine Format - Galerie Freiraum 16, München, DE - 2017
„Káosz és Rend“ MAOE - REÖK, Szeged, HU - 2017
Bewusstsein, Struktur und Energie,Sardenhaus, München, DE - 2017
Grosse Wasserburger Kunstausstellung, AK68 - Wasserburg, DE - 2017
„Magische Inspirationen und konkrete Illusionen“
Kunstforum Arabellapark, Munich, DE - 2016
„Secrets“ Style Gallery, Munich, DE - 2014
Budapest Art Expo - Szentendre, HU - 2013