Richard Gillman

Richard Gillman

Lanmeur, Finistere, France

About Richard Gillman

I am a retired teacher, a digital and acrylic flow artist whose home is by the sea in Brittany, France. The movement and colors of the sea influence much of my art although I am also drawn to the influences of the Art Deco period.

Being born in the industrial heartland of the UK, I have vivid memories of the steel making industry. Times change and with decline of heavy industry comes the decay of the once proud structures associated with it.

Urban decay influences my work as does the way nature reclaims what is hers.


I studied Technology at University gaining my first degree in 1979 followed by post graduate I.T. in education studies culminating in my Masters degree.

During my teaching career, I taught 'The Sciences' together with Computer Art in an adult education environment. Since retiring, I have continued to develop my interest in digital art.


Maison des Arts, Saint Jean du Doigt, Brittany, - Summer Themed Exhibition 'Animal', 2018

Centre Medicale, University of Brest, Lameur - ongoing