Dina AZ Salem

Dina AZ Salem

Washington, DC, United States

About Dina AZ Salem

Dina AZ. Salem is an Egyptian-American professional artist based in Washington, DC. Dina's artistic expression is strongly influenced by Eastern & Western cultures, and various forms of meditation/self-discovery. These ideologies and disciplines are referenced in her approach to painting; specifically in her exploration of emotional healing & growth.


Watercolors, Acrylic, Oil, Charcoal Sticks, and Mixed Media Materials

Art Series:

“Here, but not here" 2020

“/Mend/“ Volume I 2020

“/Mend/" Volume II 2021

“/Mend/" Volume III 2021

Public Projects:

Under her design studio, AZ Designs, Dina was awarded a feature as one of the few Graffiti Without Border murals, which is displayed at “A wall of Hope” in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.


Solo Exhibit, "Here, but not here", Homme Gallery Washington, DC - April 2021

Group Exhibit, "Art is essential", Gallery Y Washington, DC - May 2021