Dinah Wakefield

Dinah Wakefield

Peregian Beach, QLD, Australia

About Dinah Wakefield

Born in Shrewsbury, UK, Dinah Wakefield is the daughter of the British artist, Larry Wakefield. Dinah has had a lifelong passion for art and design, beginning her career as a textile designer and stylist, before establishing herself as an abstract artist.

Dinah lived and worked as an artist in Sydney for over 20 years, developing a reputation for her dramatic abstract landscapes. She has many exhibitions, commissions and corporate representations in her CV. In 2016 she moved to Noosa establishing her studio in the garden of her new home in Peregian Beach.

Dinah draws inspiration from the landscape around her, focusing on an abstract expression of colour and form. Her latest works continue the theme of abstract landscapes. They are inspired by the natural beauty of the area and are fluid and organic creating a sense of peace, tranquility and space.


The Light Within
All my life I have been fascinated by the light within. That essential essence that exists under the surface of our everyday reality. We don’t talk about it, but we all know it’s there. We can sense it.

As a child I found it confusing that people would try and hide this light. They would mask and transform it or pretend it didn’t exist. Nature, on the other hand, I always felt was very comfortable with this light. When I would walk on the Common next to my childhood home in England, the trees were always the same from one day to the next. They never pretended to be something other than they were. They were simply trees and I loved them for it.

It is this light within that I seek to capture in my paintings.

Every painting starts as a leap of faith. I invite the light into my garden studio and I allow it to
unfold and express itself in its own unique way. Sometimes I have a glimpse of where the light will take me and other times I don’t. I simply allow the paint brush to flow and undulate across the canvas in a fluid and organic way.

I consider myself a landscape painter, but I don’t paint the landscape that I see. I paint the landscape that I experience. In every moment, there is an opportunity for nature to not only express itself as life, but also, as paint onto a canvas. In that moment, the canvas becomes the landscape and the light becomes the artist. The ocean. The trees. The clouds. All of the elements of my work are created that way, dissolving the forms into their essential elements.
Dinah Wakefield

Dinah's new Book - The Light Within - is a presentation of her recent body of works from the Noosa region of Australia. The book can be purchased directly from the artist.


2018, In our Backyard, Noosa Regional Gallery
2017, Noosa Open Studios, Sunshine Coast.
2016, A Taste of Noosa, Noosa Regional Gallery.
2015, DuMoulin Gallery, Annandale, Sydney.
2013, Blacktown City Art Prize, Sydney.
2012, Art@blacktoast, Annandale, Sydney.
2010, Melbourne Art Fair, Icon Gallery, Melbourne.
2009, New Works, Blkmrkt Gallery, Gold Coast.
2008, Women in Abstract, Soho Galleries, Sydney.
2007, Into the White, Blkmrkt Gallery, Gold Coast.
2007, The Only Constant, Anita Traverso Gallery, Melbourne. 2007, Works on Paper, Wilson Street Gallery (Now Janet Clayton Gallery).
2006, It’s a Spring Thing, Artefact Gallery, Melbourne.
2005, Sydney Art Fair, Sydney.
2005, Sticks & Stones, Global Gallery, Paddington, Sydney.
2004, New Works, Maria Perides Gallery, Brisbane.
2004, Spirit of the Earth, Soho Galleries, Sydney.
2004, Earth Spirit, Gallows Gallery, Perth.
2003, New York Affordable Art Fair, New York.
2003, Earth Stories, Birubi One, Sydney. 2002, Vessels, Soho Galleries Sydney.
2002, Australian High Commission, Singapore.
2002, Singapore Art Fair, Singapore.
2001, Woodhouse Hill Gallery, Wellington, NZ.
2001, Showcase of Works, CDA Centre, Sydney.
2001, Light's Edge, Soho Galleries Sydney.
2000, Landscapes, Soho Galleries, Sydney.
2000, Recent Paintings, The Beatty Gallery, Sydney,
1999, Fragments, The Beatty Gallery, Sydney.
1998, Works on Paper, The Beatty Gallery, Sydney. Awards
2002 Winner. Invited Artist Category, Cossack Art Award, WA.
Lasseters Hotel Casino, Alice Springs, Principal Global Investors, AMP Building, Sydney, Numerous works for private collectors in Sydney, Melbourne and New York. Collections
360 Advertising Agency, HV Banking Group, Ing Advertising, RSA Security, Lonergan Edwards, de Vries Tayeh Law, Marketing Elements, Sodus Films, Shine TV. Private collections in the UK, New York, Los Angeles and Australia.