Dennis Mecham

Dennis Mecham

Salt Lake City, UT, United States

About Dennis Mecham

Born in 1951 in Salt Lake City, Utah USA and have worked as a photographer for 25 years creating images using large format film and performing all the printing to create expressive prints.

I'm inspired to capture the beauty of the transcendant which can be experienced from people and their environments. I love the figure, portraits and architecture and the combining of these elements to explore my creative potential.


Have had many exhibitions including Photo Sal Francisco, Photo LA, Photo New York as well as exhibitions in Salt Lake, California. Had cover and interview with Focus Magazine and am a regular contributor to Black & White Magazine and received an Award of Excellence from Ilford's Black & White Spider Awards and was nominated as Photographer of the Year for 2004.,


Future Shows: Upcoming interview and 8-12 page spread in Orange County's Best Magazine as well as future cover.