Dmitry Smirnov

Dmitry Smirnov

Riga, Imanta, Latvia

About Dmitry Smirnov

I live in Riga,Latvia.Inspired by new
art that opened after the fall of the ' wall',
I began my artistic guest by studying art from books and magazines and later on the internet. I create original works of aluminium covering it with sand, i draw inspiration by rethinking the work of such artists as L.Popova, E.Neizvestnij, Baranov-Rossine, F.Gehry,
I.Chernihov and other.Also I do a 'grated' series of paintings by grinding a piece of paints.


1990 -gallery 'Marijas' Riga,who organized an exhibition in Tunisia and sold my first artwork.
1991-personal exhibition in 'Palace of Sport' Riga.
2014- 'Incision in art ' in Michael Shemyjakin gallery St- Petersburg.
2014-'Metaphysical head' in Michael Shemyjakin gallery.
2015-participation in the competition 'Kandinsky Prize'.
2016-participation 'Kandinsky Prize' output in the second round.
2017-exhibition in the 'Cub' gallery,Riga.