Dmitry Spiros

Dmitry Spiros

Cancun, qroo, Mexico

About Dmitry Spiros

Dmitry Spiros is a contemporary impressionist artist.

Raised in middle Asia Dmitry Spiros currently resides in Cancun, Mexico.

Creates bright and inspiring paintings in different genres. All paintings are created with a palette knife, oil and acrylic paint. Raised in Sunny Asia, absorbing a bright palette of colors, the classical school of painting and modern trends of impressionism are a reflection and a bridge in his work forming new forms of synthetic art.
"From the beginning to the end, the whole process of creating paintings takes place in my Studio. Manufacturer of stretchers of different sizes, stretch canvas on stretcher frames I also do personally. The themes of my themes are observations in everyday life, as well as inspiration in travel".


Republican Colledge of Art, Tashkent. 1998.


Permanent exhibition of large-format paintings in the gallery "Artdistrict", Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

2 years exhibition of paintings at the "Sedona gallery". Arizona.

Permanent exhibition of paintings at Artportal gallery, Samara, Russia


1995- personal exhibition at the Art Academy

1996 – a collaborative exhibition “Spring”at the House of the Artists (Tashkent)

1997 – a group exhibition “Colors of the Summer” at the House of the Artists (Tashkent)

1998 – collaborative exhibition “Celebration of NAVRUZ at the Central House of the Artists, Tashkent .

2000 – group exhibition “Pallette”, Samara, Russia.

2002 – May – personal exhibition at the art gallery Meridien, Samara, Russia

2005 - February - – personal exhibition at the bank Solidarity, Samara,

2005 - March - – personal exhibition at the bank "РБР", Samara, Russia

2006 - collaborative exhibition, an art project of the Volga Energy Company, Samara, Russia

2007 - December - "ТЭЦ - территория искусства", an exposition of the project by Volzhsky TGK , Russia.

2008 - April – personal exhibition “Venice – ripples of water”

2009 – August – a creative workshop and exposition at the city of Baden Baden, Germany and Stasburg, France

2010 - June - a creative workshop while traveling in the towns of Croatia

2010 - November – participation in the Rusian-Brittish "Charterhouse Charity Art Auction", London, England.. All the proceeds from the auction were donated to The Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust" (HART).

2011 г. - May- Participation in the Russian-Brittish charity art auction “Joy”, Samara, Ruussia. .. All the proceeds from the auction were donated to build and upgrade orphanages in the Samara region of Russia,

Since 2014 cooperation and permanent exhibition of paintings in the gallery "Art district" - Amsterdam. Holland.

Since 2017 he has been cooperating with the famous French gallery.