Daniel Horvath

Daniel Horvath

Chemnitz, Saxony, Germany

About Daniel Horvath

I was born and raised in Karl-Marx-Stadt, now Chemnitz. After several periods of living elsewhere i keep up with my hometown for some friend & family reasons and admiration for this city's history. Eventhough i feel and know that there are a lot of other places which are currently way more livable. In Chemnitz i find good times and things to happen but also a whole lot of shity stuff going on. To balance these two sides i consume art. For me art is a sanctuary. A place that exists on its own, independent from any troubles, problems and difficulties that appear in our "real world". But because things dont work properly one way in a long term i create art to give something back. I dont want to use figures or symbols that have their foundation in the "real world" and so can remind me of something ugly out there. Thats why i chose abstract art (so far). Its independent, friendly and out of reach to any ugly result of selfishness. Since i found a lasting passion for Gaffiti back in the 90's i prefer fast an vivid drawing techniques to get colours quickly and properly on the surface to give it a certain dynamic feel. Thats also one of the reasons why i dont use oil - it just needs way to long to dry and take the next layer...

I cant really give more of a story about me or my art now because i have to paint.


Industrial Designer - graduated at the University of Art and Design Burg Giebichenstein, Germany.


"Art Fair Leipzig", Nov. 01-03 2019, at Kongresshalle am Zoo, Leipzig


Permanent exhibition at "EMPFANG Bistro & Bar" in Chemnitz, Germany.