Donald Jacob

Donald Jacob

Basel / Ronne / London / Kyoto, Switzerland

About Donald Jacob

Donald Jacob is a fine art photographer and visual artist from Switzerland. He traveled a lot and is a silent observer with a profound relation to nature. His backgound as a landscape Architect, gardener and ecologist gives him a deep knowledge in this field. Working with exquisite photo manipulation he creates images that are thematically focused on nature, identity, relationships, emotions and people. His immaculate technique and subtle conceptual ideas create beautiful evocations of universal emotions, in various themes. Donald at once captures the beauty of nature, patterns, Landscape and the complex strength and fragility of the human psyche. He questions what it means to think, feel, dream and live in the world. He has a large archive of over 100’000 fotos of people, portraits, flowers, landscapes and patterns which is constantly expanding. Donald has exhibited internationally with solo exhibitions in Europe and Asia. Diversity distinguishes him, and he does not fit into any category. Working with plants, design indoors and outdoors, as a photographer and classical in drawing and painting, sculptures and performances with body painting. The complexity of his creativity is impressive and leaves traces when looking at his works.
"I don't try to define an exact situation with my works, I prefer it when every viewer creates his own perspective and meaning. The interpretations that emerge are always enriching".
His path was accompanied by uncertainties and difficulties, but that made it possible for him to develop in this way. This life experience has come together in his work. "Personality is shaped by life experiences and has a transformative effect in art. "Art can exert a transforming power in man like a garden lets us experience a piece of paradise. He won multiple art prizes and garnered critical acclaim from curators and press.

member of international Artist association / visarte Switzerland



2002 Hochbaumt Basel, Drawing Contest - 3rd prize

2008 National Photography Award by NFÜ - 1st prize
2003 Ortszentrum Reinach, 1st prize
2003 Solothurn Entlastung West, Solothurn, 1st prize
2004 Giardina, Zurich Switzerland 3st prize
2004 Sihl-Brücke, Zürich. 2 st prize
2005 Erlenmatt, Basel, 1st prize
2005 Actelion AG, Allschwil, 1st prize
2006 Sport Center, Allschwil, 1st prize
2006 Bata-Areal, Möhlin, 1st prize
2007 Wiesenraum, Loerrach, Germany 1st prize
2009 Kindespital Basel, Partner Lo Verdi, 2 st prize
2011 Cern, Geneva 2 st prize
2012 Hasenrain, Binningen, Switzerland, 1st prize
2013 Architektenkammer Baden-Würtemberg für ausgezeichnete Bauten

2014 Zurich International Photography Award - Gold medal of excellence

2015 Berlin Museum, Partner Degelo,
2016 Campus Breitenbach, Solotthurn, Switzerland 1st prize
2017 BP Portrait Contest - Finalist round
2015 Exposure Award, Portraiture Collection

2016 Sony World Photography Awards, 
 Commended, Enchanced category
2018 Lens Culture Awards, Commended, Enchanced category




2019 Group Exposition M54, Basel
2018 Installation, Wittisheim, France
2017 Solo Exhibition, Mehrsicht, Basel
2017 Solo Exhibition, storegade, Roenne, Denmark
2016 Installation, Bornholm, Denmark
2016 Solo Exhibition, storegade, Roenne, Denmark
2015 Installation, Basel, Switzerland
2015 Installation, Freiburg, Germany
2015 Installation, Alp Kägi, Switzerland
2015 Installation, Baden, Switzerland
2015 Installation, Zürich, Switzerland
2015 Solo Exhibition, tw22, Basel, Switzerland
2014 Installation, Konstanz, Switzerland
2014 Installation, Basel, Switzerland
2014 Solo Exhibition, tw22, Basel, Switzerland
2014 Solo Exhibition, Weingut Dinger, Freiburg, Germany
2013 Solo Exhibition, dg, Zürich, Switzerland
2012 Solo Exhibition, Markthalle, Basel, Switzerland
2012 Solo Exhibition, tw22, Basel, Switzerland
2012 Solo Exhibition, Gaia, Wittisheim, France
2012 Group Exhibition, rosabraun, Stuttgart, Germany
2010 Group Exhibition, Basel, Switzerland
2010 Installation „into the silence lV“, Basel, Switzerland
2009 Installation „into the silence ll“, Gaia, Wittisheim, France
2009 Installation „into the silence lll“, Basel, Schweiz
2006 Solo Exhibition, Allschwil, Switzerland
2006 Solo Exhibition, Basel, Switzerland
2005 Ausstellung, Baudepartement Basel, Schweiz
1999 Künstlerprojekt, Kaori, Kyoto, Japan
1999 Installation, Warteck, Basel During ART99
1998 Installation, Augst, private collection
1998 Landart Friedhof Hörnli, Basel
1997 Rauminstallation Liste 97 during ART97