David Molina-Molina

David Molina-Molina

Caracas, Distrito Capital, Venezuela

About David Molina-Molina

#FIGURATIVE In my figurative body of work is very common the man’s need have their own space, a land to inhabit, a land where he can leave their mark, a trail and their opposition like the absence of this space itself, also, I dedicate to representing the man inside of the object house and how this one inhabits to himself,from my perspective I rummage and explore in the human relationships and the symbolic properties that we attach to objects as a representation of human activity by portraits what decipher the primary feelings of living in a home. #ABSTRACT My line of sculptural/abstract work research the elements of the landscape as a subject of interest; I feel to become more sensitive towards nature to extract the necessary recourses to explore organic forms and detach them, using sketching and ceramics as means for the perception of the space and the plastic reflection to then translate my work into a more sensitive language. These idealized landscapes don't necessarily come from the physical reality: they are essays with which I translate space to be able to devote myself to an aesthetic intention the is more intimate and local.


Degree in Visual Arts - University of the Andes - Mérida/Venezuela 2016.


2019 - Sala Mendoza, CONTICINIO. Caracas, Venezuela.
2016 - Museum of Modern Art Juan Astorga Anta, Reminiscents of the house away. Mérida, Venezuela.
2015 - Ateneo de Maracaibo Fine Arts Center, Constricciones. Edo Zulia / Maracaibo - Venezuela.

2018 - Hacienda la Trinidad, LATENT Emerging art. Caracas / Venezuela.
2016 - Museum of Contemporary Art Zulia (MACZUL), 12º Young Artists show. Edo Zulia / Maracaibo - Venezuela.
2015 - La Maison des Initiatives Étudiantes, LABO 13. Paris - France.
2015 - Invitations d' artistes 2015 Bazancourt Marne department - France.
2015 - Experimental Center of Contemporary Art Gallery "La Otra Banda", IX Biennial of Visual Arts of University de los Andes. Mérida – Venezuela.
2014 - Braulio Salazar Gallery, Biennial 67 Salón Arturo Michelena. Valencia Edo. Carabobo - Venezuela.
2014 - Experimental Center of Contemporary Art Gallery "La Otra Banda", III International Biennial of Contemporary Art. Mérida - Venezuela.
2014 - Lía Bermudez Fine Arts Center, III International Biennial of Contemporary Art. Maracaibo Edo. Zulia - Venezuela.
2014 - Ateneo de Maracaibo Fine Arts Center, V White and Black. Edo Maracaibo. Zulia - Venezuela. First place.