Doug McIntosh

Doug McIntosh

Beaverton, OR, United States

About Doug McIntosh

Artist Statement:

I am driven to create, I feel there is a process that must be worked out - a response to a trigger in the mind; an ongoing struggle of the balance of emotion and reason.(sane or insane)

Elements of the process are revealed through the juxtaposition of chaos and order in all things, accentuated at times by the atmospheric conditions or use of light that happens in the moment I capture the image.

The balance of knowledge, philosophy, psychology and emotion are played out at a moment of time within the creative act or acts. This steep may need to repeat over in stages or years.

I strive to replace the stagnant stigmas and opinions that might be blinding me to the reality of the moment.

Everything changes from one moment to the next, to be in the flow of the change; to not resist, but truthfully direct is the challenge.

With a new vision, come new ideas and questions, spawning a metamorphic change of the eye to reevaluate the creative process.

The artistic evolution and the process of the creative steps take me through a continuum journey of discovery. Changes intuitively happen - insights are revealed, morphing the reality of myself, humanity and the perceived truths before me. My work must change to be truthful.

My art work will change along with me as I discover new question or answerers or it will become stagnant and a lie. I find a joy in others relating to my work and feeling honored that people strive to understand and appreciate a work that speaks to them. Communication is part of life and art for me is part of that process.

I think the viewer brings their own perceived truths and learned history to the work, which is an important step of the creative communication.

I do not use words or sequential numbers to title my images, preferring to let the immediacy of the emotion or thought evoked by the art present itself with simplification, to allow and liberate the communication to the viewer.

Art is not practical but something to possess and cherish.


Bachelors of Fine Art (BFA).
Minor: Communications.


Soul Portrait. New project I am working on.




Robert Evens Fine Art - New York, New York
Streets of New York - New York, NY
Heritage Museum - Salt Lake City, Utah
Brimhall Gallery - Provo, Utah
Bountiful Museum - Bountiful, Utah
Springville Museum of Art- Springville, Utah


WaterWorks Gallery - Friday Harbor, WA
Deljou Gallery - Atlanta, Georgia
Atrium Gallery -Salt Lake City, Utah
Utah Arts Council-paint - Salt Lake City, Utah
Utah Arts Council-Photo - Salt Lake City, Utah
Kimball Art Center - Park City, Utah

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