Dragomir Svecak

Dragomir Svecak

Belgrade, Europe, Serbia

About Dragomir Svecak

In my works, I examine the harmonious relations and the sign-symbolic language of artistic expression. I find my starting point and inspiration in my life experiences as well as in my surroundings; I can say that these works are a kind of "figuration", that is, a person is taken as their starting point. Sculptures are made in cast metals, aluminum and brass, which allow me to emphasize their "sticky character" and achieve "compatibility" with diverse living environments.


Dragomir Svečak born in 1977- Belgrade, Serbia.
▪ external associate of the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments of the Republic of Serbia, Belgrade (2006- 2014)
▪ external associate of Foundation of the Holy Monastery Hilandar, Belgrade (2011- 2014)
▪ external associate of the Little Theater ‘Duško Radović’, Belgrade (2007- 2016)
▪ member of ULUPUDS- the Association of Serbian Applied Artists since 2012 (in the status of independent artist since 2010)

▪ graduated on the Faculty of Applied Arts and Design, Belgrade
(applied sculpture)


▪ three solo exhibitions
▪ ten group exhibitions
▪ four art colonies