David Sànchez Leòn

David Sànchez Leòn

Sant Hilari Sacalm, Girona, Spain

About David Sànchez Leòn

David Sanchez Leon (Barcelona, 1979), known by the pseudonym of Leon, shapes their work using different techniques that has been refined over the years. Its main project, and that reflects in all his works, is a reflection on humanity, their daily acts and development in their environment.
His career is short but intense, with a good track record, having already participated in different competitions of contemporary art, both nationally and internationally, among which are the 17th Open International of sculpture in Venice (Italy), 10th Art Fair contemporary Art Madrid (Palacio de Cibeles, Madrid), or recently in 18951 Km Berlin festival, held on the occasion of the reunification of Germany.
Today has different works in private collections spread over three continents.


July 2020 - Finalist in the Peña de Martos sculpture biennial (Jaen Spaint)

July 2020 - Winner of the Sant Hilari Sacalm Art Prize (Girona).


Next Exhibition:

2021 from February to April - Eda Gallery - Olot (Girona).

December 2020 January 2021 - Drapart festival - (Barcelona).

Ninots, in the Rovira room, from 09/16/2020 to 09/30/2020 St. Hilari Sacalm, (Girona).

November 15, 2019 - January 19, 2020 - Drapart festival - Maritime Museum of Barcelona (Barcelona).

July - August, 2019 WORK WITHOUT TITLE Nº 1 - Exhibition hall Can Rovira- Sant Hilari Sacalm (Girona)

December 2018 January 2019 - Uni Crux,
Inundart Festival Expos 66, Mansion de la Catalanite, Perpignan, France.

OCTOBER 2018 – Lista de espera , Sala expositiva, Sils (Girona).

August 2018 – Lista de espera , Casa Saladrigas, Blanes (Girona).

August 2018 - Xarxa Social, 8PM Gallery, Barcelona.

July 2018 – Lista de espera , Sala Can Rovira, St. Hilari Sacalm, (Girona).

June 2018 - Xarxa Social, Inundart Festival, Girona (Girona).

May 2018 - Xarxa Social, Incart Festival, Inca (Mallorca).

April 2018 - Xarxa Social, Imagina Festival, San Javier (Murcia).

Mar-May 2018 – Lista de espera , Casa de la Parula, St.Coloma de Farnes, (Girona).

March 2018 – Lista de espera ,Museo la Gabella – Arbucies, (Girona).

March 2018 – Capsula Drap Art – Espacio Arteria BCN, Barcelona.

June 2017 – Meninas 17403, Sant Hilari Sacalm (Girona).

April 2017 - Imagina Festival, San Javier (Murcia).

April 2017 - Capsule Drap Art, Sant Antoni de Vilamajor ( Barcelona ).

September 2016 – Re: New Festival, Pittsburgh (U.S.A).

September 2016 - Peacock Art Festival, Ruby (Barcelona).

May 2016 – Drap Art Arenes, Barcelona.

December 2015 – Festival Drap Art (CCCB), Barcelona.

November 2015 - Art Festival 18591 Km Berlin (Germani).

September 2015 - Peacock Art Festival, Ruby (Barcelona).

September 2015, Sala Casa de la Villa, Moncada i Reixac, (Barcelona).

May 2015 - Imagine San Javier Festival XI, San Javier (Murcia).

February 2015 - Art Madrid, International Contemporary Art Fair, Madrid.

February 2015 - Franqueados- Festival Centre Conde Duque, Madrid.

January 2015 - Ethnological Museum Montseny - La Gabella, Arbúcies (Girona).

December 2014 - Gener 2015 - The Little Gallery, Portugalete (Bizkaia).

Decembre 2014 - Gener 2015 - La Futura, Barcelona.

December to August 2014 - Cul de Sac, Corça d'Emporda (Girona).

September 2014 - Artistic Artdeaki Certament Cervera (Lleida).

September 2014: OPEN 17. International Exhibition of Sculptures, Venice (Italy).

July 2014 - Festival contemporary art Stripart, Barcelona.

April 2014 - Water Museum, Sant Hilari Sacalm (Girona).

February-July 2014 - La Principal Art Gallery, Barcelona.

January 2014- Sala el Siglo, Sant Cugat del Valles ( Barcelona)

Julio2013 - Sala Rovira, Sant Hilari Sacalm (Girona)