Jan Dyntera

Jan Dyntera

Prague, Vršovice, Czech Republic

About Jan Dyntera

Some questions/answers to consider:

- What is the subject matter of my work?

I focused on the problems of intertwining the digital and analogue worlds, fascinated by the boom of visual information, display errors, data loss, and privacy. Since 2015, I've been working with Google searches and added contemporary themes to my work.

- What is my work about?

I've been long time preoccupied with new media and photography, and perceives it as a sovereign aesthetic visual form and at the same time examines how to extend its expressive possibilities.

The games with flat geometry in photography, boldly competing or complementing the world of traditional painting, represent however only one layer of my creative process. The other, in fact the original, focus in my work is on the visual movement in the depths of the digital space with all its limitations, world of media mistakes created by sophisticated graphic imaging or search systems.

- How do I make my work?

According to the traditional methods of photography, printing and painting.

- Where do I find the images I use?

All around, from what we search for, what we care about on the network. I only use the world and the people around me.

- How do I want the audience to respond to my work?

To think and look at the current problems with distance and in the confrontation of my thoughts, to look at the visual side of things and say, this is pure and yet I see the story.

- How does my work compare to historical or contemporary artwork?

My work is react on my way to contemporary problems in focus on traditional paintings. I use minimalist colour “errors“ to construct a new reality that may be linked to the “original“ artwork. A similar situation occurred with the analogue trend in visual abstract painting in the last decade of the last century.

Importantly, the collection is not supposed to represent a battle between the two media - painting and photography. Its focus is on expanding the possibilities of abstract aesthetic imagery and as such it also conveys a slight warning against the flood of photographs and equally the endless need for an aesthetic grasp of the world surrounding us.


Jan Dyntera

Contemporary artist - lives and works in Prague. He studied photography, video and new media at ITF SLU Opava and reproduction graphics at the School of Fine Arts in Prague. During his art studies, which resulted in him qualifying as artist doctor (ArtD.), he received several awards and exhibited his work around the Europe.


2016 – (interupted) Doctor programme: Film, television and photographic art and new media at SLU Opava
2012 – Magister of Art at SLU Opava
2006 – Bachelor of Art at SLU Opava
1995 – Graphic and Reproduction at SŠP Prague


Work on projects
2010 – 2020 Uměníčko (Small Art)
2009 – 2020 MSVAF Fiskulet
2005 – 2005 Cieszyn - Dvě města, dvě univerzity
2004 – 2007 Opava na prahu nového tisíceletí
2004 – 2004 Uherské Hradiště - LFŠ
2003 – 2003 Uničov - Setkání okamžiků


Solo exhibitions:
2020 – Praha - Prague Design Week "Lost connections"
2019 – Žebrákov - Maštal gallery "Points of lights"
2018 – Praha - Fotografic gallery "How to move forward / Jak se posunout dál"
2017 – Praha - Villa Pellé gallery "Lost connections"
2017 – Červený Kostelec - Městská výstavní síň "Requiem for lost connection"
2016 – Praha - Galerie u Lajka "Summer-Soft"
2016 – Praha - Galerie Lesní směs "Les Boubeles"
2016 – Praha - Pivnice U Ferdinanda "Mirage from the land of mist and sand"
2015 – Praha - Galerie Kodaňská 21 "Výsledky nespokojenosti"
2015 – Praha - Galerie u Lajka "Tam kde já jsem, je sen" (Průběžná Lajkospektiva)
2013 – Praha - Galerie Kodaňská 21 "My Empire of Dirt volume II."
2013 – Praha - Galerie u Lajka "Screenferno"
2011 – Praha - Horror Vacui Gallery "Tattoography"
2010 – Praha - Cafe Arte "Story from a Landing Land" - permanent exposition „Screenfeno“
2010 – Bratislava - Galerie Cvernovka "Screenferno"
2007 – Náchod - Galerie Slavia "Panorama Years"
2007 – Blatná - Photographic festival "Kon-tiky"
2007 – Blatná - "In the Middle of Homewhere II" (with AS)
2007 – Pardubice - Abilympic - "Panorama years"
2006 – Krakov - Month of photography "A butterfly age"
2006 – Moravská Třebová - Photofestival "A butterfly age"
2006 – Opava - Dům umění "A butterfly age"
2006 – Praha - Galerie Veryba "Middle of Homewhere"
2005 – Náchod - "Bohemian Rhapsody"

Selection of collective exhibitions:
2007 – Praha - Ex-Teriery; Wiena – presentation ITF; Bratislava - final portfolios of ITF; Berlin - presentation ITF; Luxembourg - LX5 Homebase; Prag – Czech Press Photo
2006 – Warszaw – Fifteen; Praha – In-teriéři; Photokina - Presentation ITF ; Opava - „A butterfly age“;
2005 – Vilnius – presentation ITF; Prag – Fifteen; Czeszyn – Dvě města dve univerzity; Uherské Hradiště – Letní Filmová Škola ve fotografiích; Opava – Opava na prahu nového tisíciletí; Krakov – Fifteen; Ostrava - Fifteen
2004 – Lodz – presentation ITF; Ostrava – Diploma and final portfolios of ITF; Moscau – Czech documentary photography; Bratislava – Diploma and final portfolios of ITF; Poznaň – Diploma and final portfolios of ITF; Prag – Czech Press Photo; Kaunas – Diploma and final portfolios of ITF; Cheb – Diploma and final portfolios of ITF
2003 – Opava – Diploma and final portfolios of ITF; Cerveny Kostelec – selection