Eddie Tay

Eddie Tay

, Hong Kong

About Eddie Tay

My blog: http://hongkonglucida.com/

I am a poet, university professor and street photographer based in Hong Kong.

I have come to realise in recent years that the act of writing poetry has trained my mind to be always on the prowl for everyday moments that might be suitable material for my writing. I have turned to photography in order to record some of these moments.

I soon discover that the photographs I am taking, using film rangefinder and compact cameras which are more discreet and hence suitable to the task at hand, are in the tradition of street photography.

In search of poetry, I have become a street photographer.

What can Hong Kong teach me about street photography, and what can street photography teach me about Hong Kong?

My photographs seek to answer that question.

My blog: http://hongkonglucida.com/


Ph.D., University of Hong Kong;
M.A., National University of Singapore;
B.A. (Hons.), National University of Singapore