Efi Fried

Efi Fried

Münchingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany


I was born and grew up in Southern Germany close to Stuttgart. While I am a scientist by education I spend time outdoors whenever possible and started painting almost 20 years ago when I realised how much more a painting can convey with respect to emotions, atmosphere and meaning compared to my photographs. Since then my desire to paint became stronger ever since. It was exhilarating when people started to ask whether my paintings are for sale confirming that the impressions I tried to capture started to resonate with other people. I shifted more and more time to painting and since 2015 sell my artwork via a gallery, the internet and exhibitions.
I focus on water colours and acrylic painting since as for me these techniques are complimentary and often motives naturally lend themselves for the one or the other technique.


Oct.-Nov 2020 - Annual Exhibition of the German Watercolour Socienty, Kevelaer, Germany (Joint Exhibition)

Sept.-Oct. 2018 - "Art meets history", Münchingen, Germany (Joint Exhibition)

Apr.-Jun. 2018 - Water Color Exhibition, Korntal, Germany (Solo Exhibition)