Ela Elam

Ela Elam

Bucharest, 2, Romania

About Ela Elam

My statement:

Art is a way to become whole again.

Being a creator means to be the source of your own reinvention, in a permanent dance between light and shadow.

To dream, to imagine, to create... any time, anything! That's what it means to not forget your essence - that of creator.

The Universe creates you in the same way you create it.

Your soul calls you only to where you need to descover your own treasures. Fallow it! (That's whay I'm here! :) )

Treasures remain hidden from those who don't look for them.

Many times, life's gates open for us only when we open the locked doors within ourselves.

You create your own destiny, you don't set it in stone!

We grow because love grows within us.

We are witnesses to a play in witch Light and Darkness are the main character in a script we have to write.

We dont' know God. Rather, we know what people have made of Him.

Love is the thirst for knowing who you are.

Your beauty contributes to the world's beauty.


I have a degree in psychology and a master degree in analytical psychology.

I am studying sculpture for 1 year at Accademia di Belle Arti Torino (and UNA Bucharest).

I write (poetry, quotes) and, in the same time, I'm student at University of Fine Arts - Bucharest, Sculpture Department.

I like bronze, graphic art and, particularly, conceptual art.


Many projects...waiting to come true...


2015 – National Museum Dimitrie Gusti – Exhibiton The Gates of Heaven

2014 – The Museum of Bucharest - Ehibition The Vertical Fields

2013 – The Museum of County Ialomita - Exhibition The Vertical Fields