new york, NY

About D X

Artistic inspiration marries nature and technology. Human desire to bring order to chaos perpetuates the schism. Digital renditions of organic process enable systemic synchronicity, but when does that ultimately give way to synthesis? At some point the tool outshines its purpose with its own "self"-importance. It is worship of false idols that serves as celebration of another human endeavor disconnected, removed and replaced.

Numeric alignments appear relevant merely as such. What is lost between one and zero? The gap- filled by anticipated participation without which the whole system fails- provides the glue. It is both the lure and the hook.

We are caught by our own traps. Our complicity is crucial at this point, but for how much longer? If the future arrives, will there be an antidote?

Scientists are creatures of enormous feeling.

An artist's detached study creates volumes of unedited perceptive text.

What happens when you put a bowling ball in the microwave?

Nothing. Even if the time is 10:50 and the forecast suggests raining sevens. A cascading whitewash of varying opacity reveals a pervasive blue light. Survive the limitations of your physical boundaries. Life. Death. Recycle. Rebirth. There is space between the ones and zeros. Existence there is only natural.

Somewhere in the universe, there is an answer. And somewhere here, is the universe.