Elham Etemadi

Elham Etemadi

Lyon, d' Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes., France

About Elham Etemadi

The toy appears in almost every one of my pictorial puzzles! It is the recurring element, the borrowed index of nostalgia, that combines in many different forms in virtually all my compositions. The toy sometimes acts as a common thread, sometimes as an indispensable element, even if it is more or less hidden. It metamorphoses, imposes itself, shows the tip of its nose, slowly fades out according to a formula constantly renewed that I do not bridle!
Thus, the crocodile more or less friendly wandering on my paintings is the nostalgic memory of my childhood In the 80s, after the war, the stationery was limited, there was only one pencil mark, and a tiny crocodile adorned the scripting tool of schoolchildren! I loved it and spent a lot of time dreaming and drawing with my two pencils: red and black!
The range of toys was small: I remember my cubes, my train, the hot air balloon that had been hung in my room, the patterns of the carpets on which I jumped by inventing rules, the hopscotch of the yard of recreation that we little girls, on the uneven floor, the swing in the garden of my grandparents, the teddy bear of my childhood and some other soft toys ... All these fun memories arise on my canvas randomly and spontaneously. And I discover to myself, surprise, how the toy is of paramount importance and keeps coming back at the most unpredictable moment.
I create stories, fluff (bird, bear, cat) become the actors, the toys often make the scene: walls of citadels cubes, imaginary journey with the wooden train, they come alive. Links subtle betray an underlying story and a chain composition.
This internal circulation on the canvas, I am aware, is my story in the manner of a tale revisited with the lighting of the contemporary world, but I do not reveal it to the viewer. I want him to be free to think, to see, to imagine ...
In my paintings, I want to keep the look of the child, the grounds of the carpet, the vase, the mirror, the furniture, all the objects of the house play a role of toys. Proportions no longer have meaning; the same dream world unites them in the comic, the serious, the poetic, and the emotional in its broadest sense.

ELHAM ETEMADI, An Iranian artist, who was born in Shiraz in 1983.she is Ph.D. art visuel in France, Elham attended the University of Art in Tehran for her undergraduate studies in painting. She has also received two Masters of Arts in Fine Art: the first of these degrees conferred by the University of Art in Tehran in 2008 and the second in 2011 by the University of Strasbourg in France. She lives in France now, and she has been a member of the Association of Iranian Painters of Tehran since 2005. She has participated in several solos and joint exhibitions in Europe and Asia since 2005.


2018 Ph.D., visual Arts, University of Strasbourg, France
2012 Masters, Visual Arts, University of Strasbourg, France
2009 Master Diploma (Bac+6), painting, University of the Arts, Tehran, Iran



2021: London Art Fair Edit 20-31 January, Bavan gallery
2020: Art fair TEERART Online, Tehran, Iran

April 2015: EMERGEAST Auctions (Art auction1.0) to the art world Dubai
November: 2015: EMERGEAST Art auction 2.0 Dubai
November 2017: Auction EMERGEAST Art 4.0 Dubai

online auction
March, 2019, Paddle8 and EMERGEAST, Contemporary Art of the Middle East
August 2018, Artnet auction

2017: Winner of the "maison des personnels" Price of the best work by the visitor and jury, "souvenir enfants"

2017: EMERGEAST Art auction 4.0 Dubaï

2015: EMERGEAST Art auction 2.0 Dubaï


2021(Group show)
Nikole Bucke Gallery, Hurtigheim, France
Bavan Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2020, Solo show Bertrand Hassoun Galllery, Besancon, France

2020, Solo show ART OBJECTS Gallery, Kortrijk, Belgium

2019, Solo show Bertrand Hassoun Gallery, Besançon, France

Solo exhibition Galllery HAAN , Shiraz, Iran

2017: Solo exhibition, Gallery Bertrand Hassoun, Besancon, France

2017: Solo exhibition, Gallery of the Arts Club at the Council of Europe, Strasbourg, France

La tuvu Galerie, Belgium
BMW, Metz, France
MAIF, Strasbourg, France
Art of the Upper Rhine, 'KUNST KOSMOS OBERRHEIN', Hurrle Museum, Durbach, Germany

Plakat Wand Kunst, Contemporary Art Course & Artists firing on wood, DrusenheimMai 2019, Galeri LATUVU, Bages, France


BW Collection, Strasbourg, France
“Comment tourne la terre” Drusenheim, France
PLAKAT participation Musée PASO/Pôle Culturel Drusenheim, France
ST ART Strasbourg, Galerie BW, Strasbourg

Art fair, S'ART Strasbourg, Gallery BW , France

Biennale of the visual arts of Besançon

'Young Artist Initiative', EMERGEAST Gallery Group Show, Vida Hotel, Dubai UAE

“TRANSGRESSION”, Jean Greset Gallery, Besançon, France

Exhibition of contemporary art "Artichoke" CEFFPA, Illkirch


des femmes et des chimères , le couloir/ Zone d'art, Strasbourg

ARTSPACE Gallery, London, "Like" POP UP Exhibition by EMERGEAST
"Ateliers Ouvert 2015", strasbourg

Exhibition at World Art Dubai

groupe exhibition "Quinzaine culturelle iranienne", Gallery Art'Course, Strasbourg

Solo Show at Omnibus Gallery, Besançon

"Ateliers Ouvert ", strasbourg
Group exhibition from 13th March to 24 April in Strasbourg, France, Centre of Trades Hotel Catering, Illkirche-Graffenstaden
Collective painting exhibition, home of the art, the gallery helped, Strasbourg

"Ateliers Ouvert 2013", strasbourg, France
Contemporary art exhibition "The potato or potato? "Training Centre of Trades Hotel Catering, Illkirche-Graffenstaden

Collective painting exhibition, Gallery Vesal, Shiraz, Iran
Collective painting exhibition, Gallery Shiveh, Shiraz, Iran
"Ateliers Ouvert 2012", Strasbourg, France
Group exhibition "In the pig, everything is good" Training Centre of Trades Hotel Catering, Illkirche-Graffenstaden

Participation in Workshops Open 2011 Area of ​​Art, Strasbourg Mai 2011: Collective student exposure Master 1 Plastic Arts del' University Strasbourg


Personal Painting Exhibition, Gallery "7 Samar", Tehran, Iran

Solo exhibition, House of Art, Tehran, Iran

Collective exhibition (including painters 9), Saba Cultural Centre, Tehran, Iran
Participation in the 4th edition of the painting exhibition "JeuneArt", Tehran, Iran
Realization of several murals for the City of Tehran
Exhibition on "Visual Arts" Niavaran Cultural Center, Tehran, Iran
Collective painting exhibition, Silk Gallery, Tehran, Iran
Participation in the 1st Festival of Fine Arts "Fajr" ArtsContemporains Museum, Tehran, Iran
Participation in the collective exhibition organized by the Laleh Gallery, Tehran, Iran
Participation in the collective exhibition drawing on the theme "Creativity for" Atashzad Gallery, Tehran, Iran

Participation in the collective exhibition "Art of Visual religionsMonothéistes" Imam Ali Museum, Tehran, Iran
Workshop Painting, Cultural Center Khavaran, Tehran, Iran
Participation in the 7th Biennale of Painting Tehran, Iran
Painting Exhibition, Cultural Melal Centre, Tehran, Iran
Participation in the exhibition "Visual Art" Niavaran Cultural Center, Tehran, Iran
Participation in the 1st Biennial of Drawing 2005: Ranked 1st flute player for the 7th edition of marionettes Theatre (National Interuniversity festival), Tehran, Iran-