Encarnacion G Caba

Encarnacion G Caba

New York-Sitges, NY, United States

About Encarnacion G Caba

Considered a street photographer at heart, E.G Caba also explores photography as a conceptual interlacing of reality and fiction to cross both art and cultural boundaries as she delicately choreographs every detail of her photos to achieve scenes with a distinctive magical touch and a poetic visual narrative made of fleeting moments, memories and the essence of the artist.

A “Flâneur”, always curious and dedicated to catch a raw image or create an imaginary scene with a certain cinematographic mystique that inspires the viewer with a versatile yet an artistic natural elegance.

Spaniard born artist who graduated in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins, has performed a wide number of projects, that include theater, film, advertising, fashion and documentary photography in cities as London, Paris, Barcelona, Mexico City and currently New York and Sitges (BCN), where she divides her time.

For more info: www.10022ny.com


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