Eric Bourdon

Eric Bourdon

Lille, Nord, France

About Eric Bourdon

While French artist Eric Bourdon is basically a painter, his painting work is simply a kind of creative doodling : it’s all about the joy of improvisation with lines and colours ! Eric Bourdon just pushes this everybody’s game a little bit further, and the fun of it ! Scribbler by profession, Eric Bourdon tries to shed light on the creative wealth of chance and accident, and to reveal their inexhaustible potential.


After studies in science and philosophy, Eric Bourdon improvised himself as an artist, as he improvises his works. Eric Bourdon is a totally self-taught painter, and only interested by what he doesn't know, what he hasn't done, what he hasn't paint yet...


Recently, Eric Bourdon has been the guest of honor for the 10 years of "Free Art", the annual exhibition of the Achicourt Artists Circle in the North of France.
At the end of 2019, he had a solo show at the Galerie FlorDavelia in Toulon, on the French Riviera, and later exhibited with the Rosati Society at the Hôtel de Guînes in Arras. You can find the list of selected exhibitions on the official artist's website.