Esther Pi

Esther Pi

Darnius, Catalonia, Spain

About Esther Pi

The focus of Esther Pi’s work lies on the experimentation and transformation of materials linked to their own symbolic charge. She constructs dialogues between materials, shapes, textures and the concepts that arise in this process. For that matter she regards the form and the idea as an inseparable unity and aims at making the characteristic qualities of each material visible, as to transmit its intrinsic message in a transparent way (intellectually or sensory) within a determined context. She identifies herself with art related to psychology, alchemy and spirituality. Her sculptures and installations use the human body and nature as a starting point to travel inside and outside the skin, the surface. Esther Pi’s work is a subtle way towards the transformation of individual and collective consciousness.


Esther Pi (Catalonia, 1982).
After a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona (2005), she specialized herself in sculpture at the Massana School in that same city (2011).


She formed part of the art collective OFF Massana (2009) and, as a scholarship, was appointed an art studio in Poble Espanyol, Barcelona (2009-2011). In 2010 she was awarded grants by both the Güell Foundation and the Felícia Fuster Foundation.


Over the past five years she has participated in collective expositions in various galleries in Barcelona, Madrid and other places in Spain as well as abroad.
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