Ernst Kruijff

Ernst Kruijff

Sankt Augustin, Germany

About Ernst Kruijff

I am a Dutch artist creating contemporary art. For 30 years, I have been exploring various creative areas. In the mid eighties, I started painting, taking lessons from the well-known Dutch artist Jan de Kok. He introduced me to painting with tempera to create numerous vibrant paintings. Simultaneously, I entered the art of illustration, designing infographics for educational software ... in the age where every pixel still counted.

In the first half of the nineties, I studied art history and aided in the creation of corporate identities that included everything from paper material to art objects and clothing. At the same time, I did art reproduction and some occasional documentary photography. Furthermore, my work was showcased in a several exhibitions in the Netherlands.

Over the years, I have altered and refined my style. Sources of inspiration can particularly be recognized in my paintings. Bauhaus artists such as Lyonel Feininger have greatly impressed me, which was certainly promoted by to the several years I spent working at Bauhaus in Weimar. Nowadays, I blend the usage of acrylic paint with paint markers to contrast the fluidity and vibrancy of painting with the clarity of drawing, often enhancing the structure and dynamicity of compositions. Thereby I not only take up inspiration of Bauhaus artists, but also from modern structures (architecture), and patterns and pictorial elements from modern illustrative art and design objects, in particular those from Japan and the Nordic countries.

If you are interested in my creative endeavors, feel free to browse through the website. I have been fortunate to regularly sell my artworks. Meanwhile, my artwork can be found in Europe, USA and Canada in private collections and corporate buildings. Hence, as you will see, the website is always in progress, with new content gradually appearing. I also take commissions, so I'd be more than happy if you contact me!


Master in Arthistory


1996-1998 Several solo and group exhibitions in The Labyrinth Gallery, Culemborg, the Netherlands.

2020 Online exhibition organized by DAC / Miami.