Fanny Tang

Fanny Tang


About Fanny Tang

I am fascinated by the beauty of coral reefs. My art works are always colorful to cheer up my life. I am attracted by the flash beauty of Mineral pigment colors just like the beauty of corals. Grind Mineral’s willingness to be transformed in layers of texture, makes it a perfect medium for exploring the beauties of underwater creatures.
My observations of the world led to encounter circles repeatedly. I noticed that several life forms like human cells and planets like the Earth are expressed in circular forms that act as containers that support living life forms. Each individual artwork acts as a microcosm that belongs to a bigger ecosystem when seen as a whole.




Dec 2019 Solo Exhibition "Round Sky Square Earth", Lipont Gallery, Richmond, BC., Canada
June 2019 Richmond Cultural Centre Upper Rotunda Exhibition, Richmond Cultural Centre, Richmond, BC., Canada
May 2019 “Time & Tide”, Silk Purse Arts Centre , West Vancouver Community Arts Council Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
June 2018 “Arts 2018 Annual Juried Arts Exhibition”, joint show in Surrey Art Gallery, Surrey, B.C., Canada
June 2018 “2018 Annual Chinese Canadian Artists Federation in Vancouver Members’ Exhibition”, Chinese Cultural Centre Museum and Archives, Vancouver, B.C., Canada
April 2018 "Art!Vancouver International 2018", Vancouver Convention Centre, Vancouver, BC
August 2017 “Beautiful Canada through my eyes” the Annual Chinese Canadian Artists Federation in
Vancouver Group Exhibition 2017, Chinese Cultural Centre Museum, Vancouver B.C., Canada.
August 2016 “Harmony Art Festival – Art Beat” exhibit in CC Violin Café, Vancouver B.C., Canada.
March 2016 “Art On The Line 2016” Charity Exhibition by the American Women’s Association of Hong Kong, HK
November 2014 Installation “Reborn” be selected, “Taipei Fee Art Fair 2014”, Taiwan.
August 2014 “Dream Life” Exhibition, 168 Gallery, Hong Kong.
June 2013 First Solo Exhibition, Hakkokai Gallery, Beijing.
June 2013 Honor to be selected and exhibited in “The Start of a long Journey”, CAFA Art Museum, Beijing.
May 2013 International Colleges Graduation Design Exhibition, University Creation Park, Beijing.
May 2013 PhD and Master Degree Graduation Exhibition, CAFA Art Museum, Beijing.
December 2012 Joint Master Degree Students Exhibition “Counterpoint”, CAFA, Beijing.
2010 Joint Exhibition in Beijing Cai Zhi Bang Café, Beijing.
2009 Joint Exhibition, New Moon Art group, Hong Kong Cultural Centre, Hong Kong.