Florence Girardeau

Florence Girardeau

Rennes, France

About Florence Girardeau

“We gave up preserving a nature that we failed to inhabit, though we keep an incurable nostalgia of it. So, we possess objects and products that, like wrote Baudrillard, « give back nature as a sign after having ended it in reality »”1 The field of art is a paradox. On one hand, art provides these objects, on the other hand, it seeks the dreamer place. “dream, or reverie, is the firebrand that we use to make reality’s ashes enlighten. “2

Reverie and potential of desire are the basis of my work. In the space of paper, I shape visual perception regarding illusion mechanisms. In the space of exhibition, I’m interested in the way bodies would move around, how physical perception will occur, how it will link with understanding, confronted to the video installation. In the last years, my work proceeds mainly by sequence articulation, elliptic layout, would it be by time editing in the videography, or by relating several object or images in an ensemble, or by several drawings in a series.

My working process implies gesture, action and making, body as a tool to understand and transform. A balance between control and unpredictable takes place. In the studio or outside, I give rise, for me and for others, to situations that get out of economic and social chain. I try to observe the expected, the schemes, and thwart them. That is a way to seek how to be in the world, to ask questions, to seek what would be freedom. My subjective proposition, sometime puzzling for myself, aims to find an echo in the viewer and make him.her walk his.her own detour.

I don’t seek for beauty, nor to make a pamphlet, but first of all I seek intensity, then interstices. Doubts occupy my work more than certitudes.
In the joint between reality’s apprehension and imagination, I watch how is acting memory, as reminiscence, collective memory, and mythology. I question space as a site, landscape, or territory, and how we have a perceptive knowledge and a theoretical knowledge of it. My work consider the body as an experiencing interface and poetic potential through its relation to environment. I hope to activate fiction and tension from a particular realness, and propose, not a static object, but an edge, a path branching off, or a door.

1 and 2 : Mona Chollet, “The Tyranny of Reality.”


Graduated Master in ENSBA_Paris, in 2005.

2016 Workshop BodyLanscape with Frank Van de Ven.
Workshop Hypnose, a tool for creation with Catherine Contour.
2006 Workshop with Catherine Contour, CCN, Montpellier.
2005 Christian Bernard Seminary.
2004 Workshop with Philippe Rahm.
Workshop with Catherine Contour.
Scholarship Musashino Art University, Tokyo.


Short films
2020 DELTAS,
2016 Black Sands
2014 Wide Sands
Artist Residencies
2018_2020 Espai d’art Visual Art Roca Umbert, Granollers, Spain.
2018 Espai d’art Performance Roca Umbert.
2018 L’Estruch, Sabadell, Spain.
2018 Milles Plateaux, Corbières, France.
Dance Projects
2018 Double vue , performance, BCN.
2017 Geopresencies, performance, BCN.
2016 Ontophylo, Images, video installation with choregrapher and dancer Carole Steine, Rennes, FR.
Public commission
2014 Polarized, Lebrun Highschool Chapel, Coutances, Basse-Normandie.
Personal exhibition
2011 Tout se fige alors, Alberta Pane Gallery, Paris.
Collective exhibitions
2019 Utopic Memories, MAU, Roca Umbert, with Francele Cocco.
2017 Le 6b dessine son Salon, Drawing Exhibition, St-denis, FR.
2015 3 days in Paris, galerie Alberta Pane.
Welcome to Joyland, Kids (Laughter tracks), commissariat Emilie Schalck, Le 6B.
2014 3 DAYS IN PARIS, Gal. Alberta Pane, Paris.Superstructures, Le 6b.
2013 3 DAYS IN PARIS, Gal. Alberta Pane.
Le vestibule et les canaux semi-circulaires, with Sarah Duby and João Vilhena, Gal. Alberta Pane
Transgression, Le 6B , Saint- Denis, France.
2012 A Night Screen, le 6B, Saint- Denis, France.
Transposer, curated by Kurt Forever, le 6B, Saint-Denis, France.
Effervescences, video exhibition, curated by Michel Nuridsany, Hanoï French Institute.
2010 Stratifications, gal. Alberta Pane, Paris.
Grenzgänger, curated by Arnika Müll, La Générale, Sèvres, France.
Festivals and screenings
2019 Panoramic, Photo and cinema festival, Granollers, Spain
2018 Black Sands in Brussels Independant Film Festival Official Selection
2017 Festival Les Irrécupérables, La Gare Expérimentale, Paris.
2016 FAR 2016, screening “Wide Sands”
2016 Black Sands Premiere, Le 6B.
2011 Makes much more sense to live in the present tense, Rien à voir, Instants Chavirés, Montreuil.
2010 Habiter, curated by Kurt Forever, le 6B, Saint-Denis, France.
Vidéo’Appart , Paris and Dubaï.
Minute Vidéo(s), Usine T.R.A.C.E.S., Paris.
Sunday’s Screening #3, gal. Alberta Pane, Paris.
2019 Arts Libris, Barcelona.
2016 Drawing Now, Paris, Alberta Pane Gallery.
2011 Drawing Now, Salon du dessin contemporain, gal. Alberta Pane, Paris, France.
2010 Swab Art Fair, finalist drawing prize Swab, Barcelone, Spain.
2009 Slick, gal. Alberta Pane, Paris, France.
2008 Slick Dessin, gal. Alberta Pane, Paris, France.Slick, gal. Alberta Pane, Paris, France.
2007 Diva Fair, gal. Alberta Pane, Paris.
2019 DELTAS, booklet
2019 Festival MAU, booklet
2016 Revue Ce qui Secret, “Capitalisme&Schizophrenia”
2012 Revue Ce qui Secret, “NUi”, vidéo.
Runbook, http://despaysages.fr/
2011 Kurt-zine n°2, Commettre.
2010 Kurt-zine n°1, Reproduire.Video’Appart, catalogue.