Maxim Fomenko

Maxim Fomenko

Nuremberg, Bavaria, Germany

About Maxim Fomenko

My art is about the artist himself, here I ask the question, how does the artist of today look like compared to the artist in the past, how has he changed in the course of art history. How much has his transformation of themes that he dealt with thousands of years ago like feminine beauty, death and Paradis changed. We remember the past epochs with beautiful female scenes of, for example, Ingris, Degas, Renoir or Matisse. Then the fright of the 20th century from Picasso, Braque and so on until today. What remains for the modern artists? Everything seems to be said, all styles and all directions are exhausted, maybe that's why the subjects have to be redefined and reinterpreted. If I may paraphrase Malewisch "it is no longer enough to create a mattress for the night of love".

My name is Maxim Fomenko, I'm a freelance artist from Nuremberg.
I studied at the Nuremberg Academy of Arts, study program "Free Art“.
Completed 2012 as a master student.Since then I am a successful, freelance artist.
My work is in various open and private collections Europe and the USA.


2006-2012 Akademie of Fine Arts in Nuremberg, Germany
Master (Painting) - 2012
1996-2000 Design school
Graphic-Designer - 2000 Russian Federation


Private collection New York, Portland, Boston, Los Angeles, Argentina, Florida, Washington DC, Austria, France, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, Swizerland, Italy, UK

Collection "KLEWAN" Munich.

Bavarian state painting collection in Munich.


Exhibitions small selection

2017 in the gallery LeonART
2017 Belvedere museum Vienne.
2016 Exhibition Museum Augsburg.
2016 ART fair Munich.
2015 Exhibitions Gallery Decima.
2014 ART fair Munich.
2013 "Audience" exhibition at Galerie Lutz with the blue door in Nuremberg.
2013 exhibition at the Kunstverein Aichach eV, 20 Aichacher Art Prize.
2013 art fair Regensburg.
2012 Exhibition in the gallery-Eighty in Berlin.