Francesco Alpigiano

Francesco Alpigiano

Nuoro, Sardegna, Italy

About Francesco Alpigiano

He began his training as an advertising graphic taking care of the image of the musical and cultural events of various associations of his city Nuoro. At the same time he began his artistic career experimenting pictorial techniques on alphanumeric typographic language. What interests him are some of the printing methods and in particular the typographic technique of the "relief form composed of movable type" (type), from which it draws inspiration; inspiration that begins to manifest itself in the works presented at the first national exhibition in which it participates, "Artefiera" of 1992 in Florence. His work is also appreciated by critics who recognize the award as the best young person under 25.
The remarkable confirmation and the conceptual impact of pictorial representations of the symbols commonly called Type, had, and has, a primary importance in the symbolic research of the creative path elaborated by the artist in the following years. The method "Gutemberg - universal and primordial symbol of mass communication not only in the dissemination of culture, but also in the social and civil formation of peoples and in the progress of communication itself - is contextualized and used in pictorial representation, as a universal idiom of visual communication : the Type graphic sign evokes the immediate visual link between the object in its materiality (graphic sign engraved on a wooden parallelepiped) and its pictorial representation, which becomes the basis of global visual communication.
In the work TypeCity, engobed red-clay bas-relief, created in 2003 and presented at the most important ceramics competition in Sardinia, the letters and numbers give a peculiar physiognomy to the work that takes on its characteristic alphanumeric code through the use of multiple characters types of different sizes and shapes which alternate and follow one another, in an absolutely random order, but in perfect compositional balance.
Recent example of the use of Type is given by the pictorial series "Letters" started in 2008 with progressive numbering 01-236 and still in progress today.
The fundamental step that broadens the cultural and artistic path of Francesco Alpigiano takes place in 1999 with the winning of the sculpture competition organized by the Costantino Nivola Foundation.
The award, very important given that it is reserved for young people under 35 and every four years, awarded a scholarship that imposed a rigid training course developed and shared by an excellent tutor (the director of the Capitoline Museums in Rome, the second Italian museum in importance after the Vatican ones). The experience gained during the multiple trips made in Italy (Rome, Milan, Venice, Florence, Pietrasanta, Carrara) in Europe (Paris, Granada, San Sebastian, Bilbao, Marseille) and the United States (New York), interspersed with numerous participations at international sculpture symposia (Almeria, Val Gardena, Pietrasanta) and Regionals (Ierzu, Tortolì in Sardinia) further enhance and further develop his artistic training itinerary by introducing it to new expressive horizons.
With blabla, (an onomatopoeic expression, of international use, to indicate a vain, futile, without construct discourse or chatter), a conventional symbol of appearance, of external behavior and of the denial of existence, it assumes and interprets the reflected thought of our civilization as an alternative to the way of "being" and "truth". The term "blabla" has been used over the years on a wide range of works with different methods, procedures and techniques.
The fruitful collaboration with the Casa Falconieri association realizes the participation in international events with exhibitions in Toledo, Bilbao, Las Rozas de Madrid.
The recent realization of a memorial monument to Simaxis in Sardinia entirely executed in Acciaio Corten sheets (material taken into use after the visit to the Eduardo Cillida museum in San Sebastian) inaugurated in April 2010 was followed by the awarding in sculpture competitions banned by administrations of the northern Italy.


Qualifications: Master of art and diploma at the Nuoro art institute (Sardinia), scholarship in sculpture obtained at the Nivola Foundation with artistic experiences in Italy, France, Spain, United States. Stage at the Pietrasanta marble sculpture laboratory of contemporary art.
With the participation in numerous international sculpture symposia I had the opportunity to learn many sculptural techniques on different materials which later allowed me to affirm myself in several of these. Today I am a professional artist, in my studio studio, I create and perform pictorial works, engraving, digital prints, sculptures and sketches for monumental works.


Future shows:
Invito tutti a condividere la mia prima patecipazione alla fiera internazionale d'arte conpemporanea ARTEPADOVA che si terrà nel padiglione 1 nei giorni 15, 16, 17, 18 Novembre 2019, per chi volesse ho a disposizione i biglietti omaggio per l'inaugurazione e per le altre date, contattatemi per riceverli. Vi aspetto nel mio STAND 84 per apprezzare dal vivo le opere presenti anche nel mio ARTWORKS di


On Paper/Pinocchio: Progetto di ricerca ideato da Casa Falconieri, Incisione tra Sardegna, Europa e America Latina, Museo MACC Calasetta, Cagliari, Ottobre/Gennaio 2019, Trasparenze di Passaggio: Castello San Michele Cagliari, Luglio/Settenbre 2018. Costante Resitenziale 3: “90/2017 Arte in Sardegna” Museo MAN Nuoro, esposizione ed inserimento nell’archivio multimediale Arte Sarda, Ottobre 2017/Gennaio 2018.Continuum – il Libro d’Autore: Progetto Casa Falconieri, International Art Book, Palazzo Reggio Cagliari, Ottobre/Dicembre 2017. Arte Cisoria: Proyecto Internacional (España, Italia, México). Exposición colectiva de serigrafia, esposizione itinerante, 4^ Mostra: Sala Cielo de Salamanca, Patio Escuela Menores Salamanca (España) Gennaio/Febbraio 2016. Arte Cisoria: Proyecto Internacional (España, Italia, México). Exposición colectiva de serigrafia, esposizione itinerante, 3^ Mostra: Palazzo Regio Cagliari (Italy) Agosto/Settembre 2015. Arte Cisoria: Proyecto Internacional (España, Italia, México). Exposición colectiva de serigrafia, esposizione itinerante, 2^ Mostra: Centro di sperimentazione Mauro Manca Sassari (Italy) Giugno/Luglio 2015. Startup Fair, Fiera d’Arte Contemporanea, Lo Quarter Alghero (Italy) Giugno/Luglio 2015. Setup Artfair, Fiera Internazionale Autostazione Bologna, Gennaio 2015. Arte Cisoria: Proyecto Internacional (España, Italia, México). Exposición colectiva de serigrafia, Università di Salamanca (Spagna) Esposizione itinerante, 1^ Mostra: Museo Arquelogico y de Historia de Elche (Alicante, Spagna) Settembre 2014.Centro Polifunzionale via Roma, Associazione Madriche, Nuoro, Novembre 2014
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Monumento commemorativo realizzato ed istallato nella nuova piazza San Simmaco. Materiale utilizzato: lamiere di acciaio corten e acciaio inox. Dimensione cm. 186x h 540. Committente Comune di Simaxis (Sardegna) Giugno 2009, inaugurazione Aprile 2010.........