Frank Cole

Frank Cole

Sidney, NE, United States

About Frank Cole

Frank Cole grew up in Southeastern, Wyoming, USA and credits his families’ western lifestyle to his love of the outdoors. Amazed by all the various wildlife species God created, Frank has always expressed his love for all-things wild through mixed media and especially enjoys the 3-deminsional challenges of sculpture and functional art.

His goal is to capture the simple raw emotion in a point of time allowing the elements to add tactile details.

​One of his favorite places is the family ranch. It’s during these visits odd bits and pieces of rust, wire and wood captured his eye. He started using these reclaimed relics to capture the rugged heartiness of the homesteaders by bringing it back to life as new functional art.

Through his extensive travels across 6 continents and a wide variety of unspoiled eco-systems, a great respect has grown for the world’s Fauna and Flora. Photographing, observing and living among these landscapes, people and wildlife has allowed him a window into understanding the fragile relationship between the cultures, land and animals.

Starting with a square block of clay or a random rusty metal part kicked out of its hiding spot in the dirt, the challenge of 3-dimensional art captivates me.

Taking this simple boring shape and transforming it
into a beautiful new sculpture, cohesive from all angles,
is the essence of strategic thinking.

Through texture and movement my goal is to allow the viewer to subconsciously fill in the gaps. A little cowboy rusty impressionism.

The individual elements in reclaimed metal sculptures often “fight you” as their scientific makeup simply don’t want to be joined together.


He is an honors graduate of the Colorado Institute of Art and studied watercolors at Eastern Montana College in Billings. After a career in advertising he changed focus to chase his dreams, finding it refreshing to be allowed to express himself with his fine art.


Cheyenne Frontier Days
​Western Spirit Art Show 2015, 16, 17

Arts Longmont Gallery
EcoCreations 2016, 17

National Greeley Art Exhibition
​2015, 16, 17

Studio B
Invitational Art Show

Safari Club International
2015, 16, 17

​Outfitter Art Show 2014, 15, 17

The Curly Wolf Art Show

Wild West Vintage Junk Market