Frederick Sutherland

Frederick Sutherland

North Bay, Ontario, ON, Canada

About Frederick Sutherland

New to the scene, but not new as an artist, musician, singer. have always had these talents. Had the chance to pursue my art career about 25+ years ago, but walked away from it. Was a afraid of succeeding, was afraid of being or becoming somebody those long years ago. Today, today I have a voice, a will, and a dream. Just like everyone else. Not afraid to chase those dreams anymore. That sad lost little boy who once was, no longer exists. All that's left is this man, a man with a passion and desire to do better, to become better. A desire to help save our fellow man and a longing to help the Earth, to become an eco-hero in some way. I would love to start a composting business nationally and internationally one day. Maybe one day, when my paintings and talent have earned enough to begin this dream. In a way it already has, it's brought me this far, and maybe, just maybe that dream can be a reality. For now, I'll settle for the painting, playing the guitar and singing my heart out. Peace and Love to you All, may the Creator protect and watch over you's!.


Public grade school
Graduated high school
Some college - Computer technician & Networking systems, Pre-Health, Culinary Arts


Someday soon.


Hope and plan to have one soon one day!.