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Sharing of info is made easier having social media, and Instagram is one of those programs. Instagram stories are an ideal way of showing our adventures to the world in both photo and video formats. Users of this platform don’t like this issue of unavailability of published Instagram stories immediately after 24 hours had passed. You won’t find an option of saving your unforgettable clips published. It’s unavailable in this program. But do not be anxious- there is a means to avoid this. Instagram stories can be downloaded utilizing the below techniques.

Download Stories from all other Instagram Users
Using a third party site, you can easily download Instagram stories of some other Instagram users. Most of these even have similarities on how the way they work. It’s you who will choose which of them to make use of. Whatever your own reasons behind downloading these Instagram stories owned by some other account owners are less essential.

Here's how to download using a third party website
Copy first the username or the profile link (depending on what's required by the website) of the owner of the Instagram Stories you wanted to download. Open in your browser the url of the third party site you have picked. Scroll down the listing of clips and pick which clip to download. Pick the “Save link as” option when you have selected the clip to download. You'll then find the video file on the folder you choose to save it.


Download Instagram Stories for the Whole Day
In this guide, you will learn how to save Instagram story video in a single file. All your stories in one day are downloaded in a single video file. For future functions, this video will be available. Although the stories are merged in one video and not in individual clips, it’s still a lot better than not having a duplicate of them. Finding the part of the event you wish to watch later may take some time as you need to locate for it on the timeline. Still, this is a lot better than nothing.


Let’s get started. On your Instagram feed, top left corner, look for the “Your Story” icon. When you have chosen that, you will see an icon with 3 small dots; tap that to obtain more options. Click the “Save” option, followed by “Save Story.” Time will be necessary to render your video, just be patient and you will then see the video afterwards your Camera Roll..


Download Instagram Stories One at a time
The previous procedure above is still required here. Bear in mind the Save option part? This is exactly what we'll utilize to download individual clips of your Instagram stories rather than complete recording. The process is largely the opposite of the previous one, but it's not harder. These 2 choices (Save Story and Save Video) can be viewed when you tap the Save button. Pick the “Save Video”. This will let you focus on just one moment or picture rather than saving the whole day. And once again, when you are done you will find your moment in both your gallery as well as camera.