Friederike Oeser

Friederike Oeser

Munich, Bavaria, Germany

About Friederike Oeser

My art for me is a celebration: light, color, and form are all there as a declaration, not of just what exists for me in the moment, but what might be possible in the next. My works deliberately contain an abstraction growing out of everything around me, whether it is language, memory, or my perception of something I happen to witness in a certain instant. Everything I see, hear, and feel is a source of inspiration I use to create an invitation for the viewer to look in on my imagination, and through the door leading just beyond it, into their own.

Born in Nuremberg, Germany, 1959.
Lives and works in Munich, Germany.

With works in some of the world's most prestigious museums, as well as public and private collections in Asia, Europe, and the United States, German-born artist Friederike Oeser is known for her oil pastels, silkscreens, plexiglas cut-outs and sculptures. Praise for her work comes from every sector of the globe, with gallerists and collectors celebrating her ability to “create timeless combinations of energy, shape, and color that invariably delight, while being immediately accessible to the viewer.”


B.A. Graphic Design / Fashion and Art, Munich

Graphic Artist / Art Director, Munich and London

Professor of Freehand Drawing, Ifog Academy, Munich

Studies in Lithography at Steindruck Muenchen, Munich

Silkscreen Printing at C.A.P., Chiangmai Art on Paper, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Silkscreen Printing at Siebdruck Ahrens, Munich

Silkscreen Printing at Artwerk-Werkart, Alexander G. Fischer, Munich


Kunst Zürich, Switzerland / Art Karlsruhe, Germany / KIAF Seoul, Korea / Art Santa Fe, NM, USA / Art Bodensee, Dornbirn, Austria / Puro Arte, Vigo, Spain / Art Vilnius, Vilnius, Lithuania / SFFAF San Francisco, CA, USA / art San Diego, CA, USA / St`Art Strasbourg, France / artMRKT San Francisco, CA, USA / Silicon Valley Contemporary, San Jose, CA, USA - with Walter Bischoff Gallery, Berlin


Germany: Museum Villa Haiss, Zell am Harmersbach / Walter Bischoff Galerie, Berlin, Stuttgart, Zell am Harmersbach / Kunstverein Rosenheim, Rosenheim / Kunstverein Eislingen, Eislingen / Galerie Ruth Sachse, Hamburg / Haus der Kunst, Munich / Museum Schloss Klippenstein, Dresden / Kunstpavillon Alter Botanischer Garten, Munich

Italy: Galleria ZetaEffe, Florence / Galleria Immaginaria, Florence / Usher Arte, Lucca / Chiostri Francescani, Ravenna

Korea: KIAF Korea International Art Fair, Seoul

Latvia: Galerija Alma, Riga

Lithuania: Art Vilnius, Vilnius

Netherlands: Museum voor Glas- en Emaillekunst, Ravenstein

Poland: Galerie Palacu Vauxhall, Cracow / Muzeum Ziemi Krzesszowickiej w Krzeszowicach, Cracow

Spain: Puro Arte, Vigo

Switzerland: Kunst Zürich, Zürich / Schloss Liebenfels, Lanzenneunforn

USA: San Francisco Fine Art Fair, San Francisco, CA / Soka University Art Gallery, Aliso Viejo, CA / Art San Diego, CA / Mt. San Antonio College Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA / Art Santa Fe, NM / San Jose State University Gallery, San Jose, CA