Galina Lintz

Galina Lintz

Blaine, WA, United States

About Galina Lintz

Galina is Russian artist who now lives and creates in America in WA and HI. Galina absorbs healing energy from nature and transposes it to her paintings.
Painting for Galina is like dreaming, only on canvas.
Her paintings convey a pleasant, calm joy of life.
The artist’s hand is directly connected with the subconscious, which means with the soul,
displayed on a wall. Galina’s paintings are a window into a special space filled with happiness and harmony.
Galina is creating something that will bring on a smile and evoke a deep warm feeling in the heart; of happiness, joy, peace, and contentment.
Galina’s artwork displays a mastery of color and texture that immediately captures your attention and refuses to let go.
That’s one of many reasons why Saatchi is featuring the incredible art of Galina Lintz.
For a very limited time, collectors have the chance to acquire one-of-a-kind oil paintings created and signed by Galina’s hand. These paintings are the only ones of their kind in existence, meaning once they are collected, they are no longer available.


Ph D Leningrad Technological Institute, Saint Petersburg Russia
Art School of Creativity, Moscow,Russia


Galina’s art has been displayed in galleries throughout the Pacific Northwest and Hawaii.