Ganesh Bhat

Ganesh Bhat

Bangalore, Asia, India

About Ganesh Bhat

Anyone watched Ganesh Bhat’s collection might have noticed this: each of his titles is unique. He carefully picks different sets of colors and techniques and works effectively to make his artwork inconsistent and de-linked from others. Unless aimed for, he creates no sequence adding great value of originality to each painting and in the process making it stand out from his own portfolio. He makes no secret about his peculiar distaste for geometry, symmetry and predictability. As a believer in spontaneity, he thinks this insanity a blessing and an opportunity to explore his own subconsciousness - a world with myriad imaging possibilities.
Born in an agrarian family on the mid-western coast of India 100 miles south from the tourist state of Goa on 1st July 1978, GB has seen nooks and corner of the Western Ghats, one of the oldest and precious ecosystems in the world. Vast paddy fields submerged in green, hills capped with meadows and rare visits of the pangolins, porcupines, leopards and Indian gray hornbills to his neighborhood, ferociousness of the subtropical monsoon rains and forest skies blanketed with flame of the forest in summer and glory of the waterfalls and eternal songs of the valley streams in the dark and remote sides of the rainforests are few to mention from his list of inspirations.

Why abstracts?
When the external views are abundant, alight with rich colors, it’s the soul that beacons you towards the unseen. His fancying with colors and abstracts is one such story of experiments and exploration of the unknown. This painter is taught by nature; how to look at it and bring imageries. Again, Indian Spiritualism is his companion for long. He derives the concepts of Vedic Hinduism and Buddhism and also draws inspirations from them.

Underlying philosophy
GB believes that his artworks are reflections of exaggerated imperfectability of the nature. According to him, equilibrium, balance, symmetry and perfection of the any view, shape or image are false and illusory. Nature in its true sense always has the tendency of being disproportionate, asymmetric and chaotic. Right and left human brains may look identical but they have differences in functionality. Even one object seen as reflection of something may not have similarities in other aspects. He defines his abstracts as the reflections of these imperfections and finds spontaneity as the true measure of quality for any abstract.


After secondary Diploma in Architecture, GB did not take too long to realize his inclination for curves, colors and abstracts rather than the straight lines, structures and the likes. He had returned to his loved trade after one year of draftsmanship with a construction firm. Who also holds Masters in Economics from the University of Mysore.


Ganesh Bhat’s initial contributions began with creating and publishing hundreds of cartoons with local magazines as a teenager. He has worked as a staff cartoonist for few magazines for a couple of years. He won best cartoon award for the 25th anniversary of Tushara magazine in 1996.


From 2001 to 2005, he has worked as digital illustrator for few magazines in Bangalore. Five of his artworks and a couple of digital artworks were selected and exhibited in the Lalitha Kala Academy Centenary Celebration Group Art Exhibition in 2002. He has conducted several Solo exhibitions in different cities across India.