Beate Garding Schubert

Beate Garding Schubert

Sebbenhausen Balge, Niedersachsen, Germany

About Beate Garding Schubert

I have taken a clear desicion : To create art, for me, is power and confidence. My paintings should be a carrier of hope. How does an artist handle the unpleasantness the world sometimes brings? Showing it is one possibility or making it even more unpleasant than it is. Instead, I decided to show beauty and hope. My latest series "home" is talking about hope, trust, confidence, feeling home.
Birds are symbolizing freedom and perspective.
Start travelling through my abstract paintings. There is a lot to discover!
I am working and living in Germany and in wintertime in my studio in Spain.


Bea Garding Schubert is a German artist who creates abstract works that inspire hope and happiness. The more you look at Bea’s works, the more you’ll see. Windows, plants and words emerge out of the abstracted image - a surreal world of tranquility beneath the surface.

The artist studied art at the Braunschweig University of Art in Germany (Painting/Prof. Hermann Albert). After her fine art degree she travelled the world for 8 years, eventually settling down in Mallorca and La Palma/Canary Islands.

Bea Garding Schubert started her international carrier in 2007. She has exhibited her work around the globe, from New York to Beijing. The German embassy in Athens holds a number of her paintings.


2018: IV International Chagall Plenair - Invitation to Vitebsk, Belarus. 10 days of Plenair painting and exhibition in the Chagall Museum, Vitebsk (birthplace of Chagall)


14.-17.Feb.. ARTE GENOVA, Genua/Italy (Context Artgallery Treviso/Italien)
06-07 -12-13-14.June ARTPARMA FAIR, Parma/Italien (Context Artgallery Treviso/Italien)
04.06.-04.July Anduma: Building Bridges, Gruppenausstellung, Castello de Montferrrato, Casale Montferrato/Italien
01.-06.Dic. Kunstmesse Miami/USA (LDX Artodrome Gallery/Berlin)

2019: 21.-24.11. International Artfair Shenzhen in China (LDX Artodrome Gallery Berlin/Malta/Hongkong)
19.05. - 01.06. Einzelausstellung Petrihaus Hofgeismar/Germany
04.04. - 07.04. Artexpo New York Spring (Artproductions New York City)
15.03. -17.03. HanseArt, Lübeck/Germany
Featured artist (Doppelseite) im Saatchi Art Spring Catalog 2019
2018: IV International Chagall Plenair - Invitation to Vitebsk, Belarus. 10 days of Plenair painting and exhibition in the Chagall Museum, Vitebsk (birthplace of Chagall)
Open House Gallery, Bragg Creek, AB, Canada, Opening 8th of Dicember
Historical Museum, Ljosna, Belarus, September 14 - October 18
Chagall Museum, Vitebsk, Belarus July 7 - August 14
Kunsttage Thedinghausen group exhibition
"Taste of the world" group exhibition
Back to the Picture Gallery, 934 Valencia St. San Francisco, California
May 26 – June 24, 2018
"Vision of today" group exhibition Galeria Art nou Mil-Lenni, Barcelona
Art.Fair Luxembourg ( with Galerie m beck)
Art Beijing (with Galeria Art nou mil-lenni), Peking
Corvinus Church, Erichtshagen/Germany, solo exhibition
Galerie m beck, Homburg, Germany, solo exhibition

Galeria de Arte Minkner, Mallorca/spain, solo exhibition
New York Soho Artspace Gallery - "Modern european art"
GalerieN,Nienburg/Germany , "Open world" - Alwine Gerner & Bea Garding Schubert,
Arts Week Miami - ARTBOX Project
Deutsche Bank, Nienburg/Germany, solo exhibition
Artehos Barcelona - Feria de Arte Espacio 120, Barcelona (Galeria Art Nou Mil-leni)

Spain (Canary Islands, Mallorca)
Austria (Vienna)
Germany (Berlin, Konstanz, Nienburg)
USA (San Francisco)