Gary LaComa

Gary LaComa

Bellevue, WA, United States

About Gary LaComa

My professional background is in graphic design. 35 years in marketing communications working with a broad range of national corporations involving the design of high-end brand imaging materials. My approach to photography is an extension of this upbringing • Rather than focusing on capturing "reality" my photographic images seek to intentionally transform, synthesize, recycle and re interpret it. They are an exploration into a subject's graphic DNA. Color, texture, geometry, line and form attract me. Images are abstractions, intentionally less about a subject's reality and more about the exploration of its inherent, hidden and often mysterious abstract graphic qualities. In my work, "reality" primarily serves as a bridge to help connect and engage the viewer. Art From Parts, its a point of view.


Graduate: University of Washington, Bachelor of Arts Degree in art
Graduate: Burnely School of Professional Art