Geoff Booth

Geoff Booth

Preston, Lancashire, United Kingdom

About Geoff Booth

Painting since the Romans - it seems!
Geoff, a Lancashire wildlife artist was born in Chorley and still lives in the town. As a talented 5 year old, Geoff drew a Roman soldier and startled his nursery teacher and himself. A truly gifted artist and a born talent. He recollects sitting in the snow with his easel and oils, painting a landscape at Astley Hall at around the age of 8.
Born into a family of 10 siblings, 7 brothers and 2 sisters. In those days times where hard, but not always, in fact, on occasion they where quiet good. He grew up living on a large council estate - Thornhill. To the front of the estate was a main road, to the back was a whole new world. For miles and miles there was open countryside, further than the eye could see; fields, farms, crops, country tracks, hedgerows, rivers, lakes, ponds, canals and all the wildlife onto and within, and all the fun he had, he couldn't live without. And that's where his love of wildlife began. Geoff says his boyhood times where not to dissimilar to Tom Sawyers adventures.
Geoff works from his studio at home in Chorley Lancashire,he say's he loves the County and doesn't feel the need to leave the area,not when we have some outstanding world beating scenery on our doorstep.
His folio holds an extensive display of subjects. His array of wildlife paintings show an earthy realism, his distinctive style displays an
incredible attention to detail. On looking through
his work, there is an unbelievable realisation of the extent of the variety of work on show, covering a gallery of wildlife, paintings and drawings, portraits, people, pet portraits, sporting, landscapes, seascapes and much more. His work has been sold to collectors worldwide. Geoff regularly takes commissions and welcomes your enquiries.


St.Peter's primary school, didn't like school, just art and sport.
Harris School of Art Preston Lancashire.
Blackburn School of Art Blackburn Lancashire.

My Artistic Abilities -
I would not say I was tought
I would not say selftought
I would say born with it
Yes I would say God given - Geoff's quote.

'' If this art is what Thomas likes,
then I don't doubt him,
who am I to doubt him,
then I won't '' - thanks Thomas. Geoff's quote.


Diploma S.I. A.D. Society of Industrial Artists and Designers. At Blackburn College of Art, Lancashire.
Diploma U. L. C. I. in Art, Design, Lettering and Art appreciation. Union of Lancashire and Cheshire Institutes
at the Harris College of Art Preston, Lancashire.


N.E.W.A. Wildlife exhibition.