Gilbert Abric

Gilbert Abric

About Gilbert Abric

Gilbert Abric, self-taught french watercolorist, was born in 1949. He lives in Lyon, France.

He paints in realistic style depicting the effects of light in interior settings. Looking at his watercolors creates a vibration in ones mind.


Member of the 70 years old "Socit des Aquarellistes Lyonnais" in Lyon, France. He has received numerous awards including: "Silver Medal" at the French "Acadmie des Arts Sciences & Lettres"; Watercolours Award at the French exhibition "Art & Lumires"; and "Prix des Prsidents" at "Salon d'Hiver" in Lyon. ,


2012, june, 8-18,Le Groupe des Douze - Espace Berthelot 69007 LYON France

2012, november, 9-26, 76e Salon de la Société des Aquarellistes Lyonnais. Espace Berthelot 69007 LYON France