Gita Kalishoek

Gita Kalishoek

Rotterdam, Netherlands

About Gita Kalishoek

Gita Kalishoek (1958) resides in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

She has been drawing, sculpting and working with textiles from a young age. App. 20 years ago she became interested in painting, and started to take classes. She mostly uses oil-paint , acrylics and fabric and every so often she works with silk and felt.

Nature is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for her. The beautiful colours of fall, the winter structures, spring with it's delicate colours, the contrast in light and dark during the summer, the atmosphere of an early morning and so on.
In particular, the contrast between the beauty on one side and the hardness of nature on the other hand is interesting for her.

She shapes her designs intuitively and in layers, giving her work depth and ambience.

Gita enjoys working on the border between abstract and figurative art. This challenges her to take all elements of the image and come to an own interpretation of her subject of design.


2021 Gallery Anita Ammerlaan Roosendaal The Netherlands
2020 Isala theater Capelle ad IJssel The netherlands
2020 Kunstuitleen Capelle ad IJssel The Netherlands
2019 Gallery Anita Ammerlaan Roosendaal the netherlands
2019 Kunstuitleen Capelle Capelle ad IJssel the Netherlands
2017 Gallery Chrisart The Hague the Netherlands
2017Gallery Grang de Paul Art 's Hertogenbosch the Netherlands
2016 Gallery Chrisart The Hague The Netherlands
2016 Gallery Kortom Zeist The netherlands
2016 Gallerie Anita Ammerlaan Roosendaal The Netherlands
2015 Hotel Pulitzer Art Gallery Amsterdam The Netherlands
2015 Gallery KwadW Rotterdam
2014 Gallery Anita Ammerlaan Roosendaal
2014 Gallery 't Arthuus Loenen
2014 ARA Art Fair Zwijndrecht
2014 kunstmarkt Hellevoetsluis
2013 kunstmarkt hellevoetsluis
2013 Gallery het kunstbedrijf Heemstede
2012 Gallery Grand cafe Verderop Delft
2012 Nationale kunstdagen Rotterdam
2012 gallery Kunst ad Kade Rotterdam
2012 Regionale kunstdagen Den Haag/ Rotterdam
2011 Open dag atelier
2011 Gallery Kralingen Rotterdam